Truck Driving Schools in Shenandoah, Louisiana Review

Are You Looking for Truck Driving Schools in Shenandoah, Louisiana?

Earn six figures driving big trucks! You may have heard that there is a great shortage of truck drivers all across our country. I’m very pleased to have you reading my “Truck Driving Schools in Shenandoah, Louisiana Review.” I would hope that you would stay reading this until the very end.

I will not be criticizing or endorsing any particular trucking company or any type of school that specialize in obtaining CDL license along with the training that’s included with their program. What I will touch on some key topics that I think is very important before you start your journey into free truck driving schools Shenandoah, Louisiana.

The question that I must ask is it really free training that they are providing you? In my opinion, if a trucking company is going to train you, meaning that you have no experience in trucking driving, they expect you to work for them for a period of time. This may require you signing a contact which protects the company.

The company don’t want to lose individuals that they train and go off somewhere else working for higher pay, which you can’t blame them for wanting to protect their invested interest, meaning you!

I would also like to mention an opportunity at the very end of my Shenandoah truck driving school writing, that you can use as an alternative to being a truck driver or use in conjunction with being a truck driving. It has the potential to earning you six figures in the long run!

If you decide that you’d like to apply to get accepted into a paid training program, you’ll have to meet certain requirements in order to qualify.

Shenandoah truck driving schools and trucking companies place high importance on safety and commitment. Below are some requirements that you’ll have to meet when applying.

What Are the Requirements to Join a Shenandoah, Louisiana Truck School?

But first, let’s find out what are some of the requirements you will possibly need in order to qualify for these free truck driving schools in Shenandoah, Louisiana.

1. 21 years of age (some will except 18-year-old)

2. Must have standard driver’s license (will have to obtain a CDL learner’s permit, good for 180 days)

3. You must be a U.S citizen or legally allowed to work in the U.S. (Green Card).

4. You must not have any DUI/DWI convictions in the last 5 years.

5. Your driving record cannot contain any moving violations in the last 3 years.

6. You must pass a DOT medical examination.

7. Must pass a DOT drug test.

8. Must undergo a criminal history background check.

9. You must have a good work history that is verifiable for the last three years.

10. You must work for the truck company for at least 1 year (some require a 2-year commitment).

After you have met all of the above requirements, then you’re ready to start your training with a qualified free truck driving schools Shenandoah, Louisiana of your choice.

These schools can be anywhere from 4 -8 weeks, but usually 4 weeks. The class training will be 8 hours a day 5 days out of the week. Class usually starts at different phases throughout the year, you may even have to go out side of Shenandoah to find a trucking school.

What happens After completing The Free Truck Driving School(s) in Shenandoah, Louisiana?

Once you successfully completed your training through the many qualified free truck driving schools (Shenandoah, Louisiana) and obtained your CDL license, then you’re ready to start working, if you were sponsored by a trucking company.

If you weren’t sponsored by a Shenandoah trucking company, then more than likely you had to pay for the truck driving training that you received. The cost of the training can vary from school to school.

Now, I know you probably want to know about earning the six-figure salary? Well, most companies that sponsored you, meaning that they paid the upfront cost of your training, is not going to pay you that six figure salary.

You will probably start off between $33,000-$77,00 a year. Working anywhere from 10-14 hours a day. As you get more experience, then you can better negotiate your salary or find someone willing to pay that six-figure salary. Which may require relocating to another city or state.

Alternative to Joining a Truck Driving School!

I’m pretty sure that you really have an interest in becoming a truck driver and you wanted that free training, plus be able to get that paid CDL training (Shenandoah, Louisiana) trucking school. And if you’re able to achieve your goals…I Wish You Much SUCCESS!

I would like to turn your attention to an opportunity that can help individuals looking to start a career as a Shenandoah truck driver, but it can benefit anyone. Most of all it was the potential of becoming a six-figure income earner as well.

Now this income opportunity that I’m about to reveal is not a get rich quick scheme, but it’s designed to increase your income over a period of time. It doesn’t take up a lot of your time, as a matter of fact, it way less time consuming of being a truck driver.

You can work this opportunity without interfering with your current job, especially if you’re going to continue your career as a truck driver, but it can be work in conjunction with whatever your current employment situation is.

I’m willing to give each person that takes a look at this opportunity a FREE SECRET BONUS GIFT just for take the time to look at the opportunity. And for those that join the opportunity…I will give them for a limited time an extra FREE BONUS GIFT.

This opportunity has the potential to be a Six-Figure Income just like being a Shenandoah truck driver, but with less hassle, and can be done anywhere in the world!

I really hope you enjoy my “Truck Driving Schools in Shenandoah, Louisiana Review” and I wish you much success. For more information on the alternative income earner, click on the label or tab below!

To Your Success, Maurice


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