Wealthy Affiliate Review

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As a former member of WA, I’m expressing my experience by writing a “Wealthy Affiliate Review.” Yes! I was once a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I would like to clear the air about how I was treated as a member of the program.


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Wealthy Affiliate Review!


Like most people, I joined this opportunity in ways of seeking ideas for developing an extra income. First! You might think at this point, that I’m going to blast negative feedback of my feelings  about this company and the program that it represents, but on all honesty…”I’m not!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate University (not actually a University) in October of 2014, under the “Free Starter Account” that they offered. This free account is one of two accounts, but this particular account has limited access from the primary account.

The primary account is called the “Premium Membership” which gives it’s members total access to everything that WA has to offer to paid members. As you can tell the Free Starter Account is exactly that…”FREE”, but the “Premium Membership”account charges it’s members $47 a month.


A Wealthy Affiliate Review of the Different Accounts!

WA as stated above, offers it’s members two different accounts, which I’ll describe a little bit more in detail. The Free Starter Account, which comes with two WordPress Websites, and  you have a choice from about twenty different theme designs for the site.

After you have used up your two free websites there’s no more sites available unless you upgrade to the Premium membership. Once you choose a site name for this two accounts, there’s no changing them, so be sure of what you pick!

The Free Starter Account also comes with a limited access to receive some of the benefits of the Premium membership for “only 7 days!” Receiving this access for  a limited time lets you ask members that been in the program anything to help you to succeed!

The next account is the Premium Membership, which gives you around 20-30 WordPress websites, but WA says you get unlimited websites, but you technical don’t! The Premium membership gives you a choice of over 2,000 theme design to choose from.



Wealthy Affiliate Review!


The Premium account also gives you unlimited access to everything available in the Premium account. You get access and help from members within WA and tons of video training on about ever subject pertaining to marketing.

Both accounts “Starter and Premium” has training available inside the course itself, but remember the Starter account only gives you 7 days of free training, after that you must upgrade to the Premium account! The Premium account goes  further in depth to help you to succeed in the Niche field that you picked!

A Niche is a product or service that’s geared at a particular audience, in my Wealthy Affiliate Review I choose this to be my Niche, because I believe people want to know more about this service that WA provides, and to see if this is a “Wealthy Affiliate Scam.”

Just to let you know as I continue my Wealthy Affiliate Review, a Niche is not just limited to a couple of products or services. A Niche can be anything that you can think of…shoes, clothes, sports, toys, health products and more!


Wealthy Affiliate Review!


Now that you have a general idea of what a “Niche” is, let me resume with my Wealthy Affiliate Review! WA offers a training program that teaches you “how to earn money online from niches”, keep in mind a niche can basically be anything. WA members are there to assist you through the training process if you should get stuck! You can ask these members Q&A via private message or in the classroom forum of the particular subject.


WA offers a Product as a Niche!

If you can’t come up with a Niche, WA let’s you use their system to promote as a niche. WA will pay each member that promotes their system a $21 per sale, and the same amount every month as long as that person continues to be a paying member.

Don’t want to market the WA system! You can market your own niche or one of hundreds that you can pick from a list of affiliate companies that WA recommend. These affiliate companies have certain requirements that must be meet before they decide to take you on as an affiliate marketer for them! WA don’t inform you about these requirements.

The company may examine your site that you created, and see if it worthy of their guidelines. If your site is approved…you may be  required to keep your site updated with fresh contents, and what I mean by fresh content! The Affiliate company that you’re trying to earn commission from doesn’t like an old website, they love to see fresh material added from time to time.


Did I Feel Like Wealthy Affiliate Scam Me?

Earlier in my Wealthy Affiliate Review, I told you that I joined WA back in October of 2014 under the Starter Account, I became I full member in January of 2015 by joining the Premium Membership account.

I started creating my own niche by choosing “Athletic Shoes” the affiliate sponsoring company’s guidelines was to rigorous, and I switched to  promoting the WA system.

The WA system consist of some training, and the owners (Kyle and Carson) called it “WA Boot-camp Training.” I spent roughly around 2-3 hours a day doing the training for three months…I quit because I wasn’t seeing enough progress from my work…along with the $47 a month I was paying.

I don’t want you as a reader of my Wealthy Affiliate Review, to think I’m speaking bad about WA, because I don’t feel that way and I don’t want to give my audience the impression that I  might feel like that. I just didn’t think my time would be tied up like that!

I canceled my membership with Wealthy Affiliate University, (I’m calling it a University due to time consuming) because I didn’t like the training time that was involved and how members was obtaining ranking title as members.

Yes! When you join WA you’re assigned a ranking number. Now, in my opinion this ranking title/number would look good for the unexpected joining member, if you’re marketing the WA system as a Niche… because a good ranking number would give a person the idea of maybe you know your stuff!

My number was pretty high at first… something like 28,900 out of a supposedly over 185,000 members! I don’t know if these members are all active or if the membership count stays the same even after a member quits.

Below is my WA profile screen shot, my ranking at the time when I was active was at 427. The object is to reach a close to the number one position as possible…at least that what I believe members was trying to achieve.


Wealthy Affiliate Review!



I hope the way that I’m expressing myself in this wealthy affiliate review, is not misleading to you! Most people will probably interpret this review as to that “wealthy affiliate scam people and it’s members!” WA is very upfront with it’s program and system, the “WA Terms of Agreement” is the policy that protects both parties!

There are people that joined Wealthy Affiliate University (LOL!), I mean WA, that earns money, from what the program course taught them! Just don’t expect overnight SUCCESS!

While we’re on the subject of “OVERNIGHT SUCCESS,” let me tell you…There isn’t a system or program on this earth that will give you success that quick! So, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…SUCCESS TAKE TIME and PATIENCE!

I have to admit, at first I did feel like a victim of a Wealthy Affiliate Scam, after I canceled my membership! The reason I felt that way was because, after I canceled my Premium account…I assumed at least I had access to the Starter account still…WRONG!

Once you cancel your membership; everything you once had access to is no-longer available to you, until you reactivate the account again, then you lose all written article that was previously on your account.

So, I was not a victim of a wealthy affiliate scam, I just failed to read the “Terms of Agreement,” like so many others that joined WA! I’m still not bashing the system or the situation either!

A System that I Believe can Help Many!

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’m just highlighting on a few things of what WA consist of, although there may be more! The idea of the whole program (WA) is to write blog post  on your Niche ( Products or Services). The program is not a Wealthy Affiliate scam, because they are providing you with a service.

The WA service is a “Blogging Platform System,” you will have to constantly write in order to achieve ranking status, so your blog post will be noticed by a targeted audience (Traffic). WA blogging and training courses are going to cost you $47 a month.



         >>>>  But WAIT!!!! <<<<

Something Better than WA System!!!

This program below will achieve, every one of your goals, if you are truly looking for a way to earn extra money, and that will have the potential to constantly increase. You need to take a serious look at the opportunity that’s at the bottom of this page. You will never have to talk with any customers/prospects. You will not have shelves full of products that you purchased.

There is a sells team of staff members, that will personally call all of your customers for you! While you collect huge commission checks. Our business is “WORLDWIDE” , and the products are in high demand. Just listen and watch the 10 minute video and let Dave Sharpe explain everything about his system. You don’t need to have any special talent, or skills to work this business opportunity.

So if you’re tired of wasting your time with failing programs, that offers you nothing on your return…then invest in yourself, and join the many members of this company that are achieving tremendous amount of success everyday!!!

Join Legendary Marketer

It’s your time,


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