Empowr Scam Review!

You might want to read my Empowr Scam Review before joining this RIP-OFF company!

And  Watch Empowr Scam Members Video

I was compelled to do this video and blog post to help unsuspected members looking to join Empowr business opportunity, to BEWARE of this program! It seems to look “GOOD” from the outside, but once you get into it…YOU WISH..YOU HADN’T!

I ran across this FACEBOOK look alike opportunity called Empowr , where you could make some money ( at least I thought!) just by doing something as simple as pulling some images off Goggle and “Posting & Liking”  on their opportunity site which I had joined. WOW!!! I thought, “This is a Great Way to Make Some MONEY!” Boy was I wrong!  :(


I spent many hours, hard at work being a Posting/Liking “MANIAC” trying to build my income balance up in my account with them. I was so excited that I shared ( letting my wife see the balance ) my money that I thought was mine to my wife. She was just as excited as I was…And so, she joined as well! But later on, my wife begin to get a little suspicious from reading other members of the program “COMMENT POST” saying how they was mislead and money taking out of their account!

I have a “URGENT MESSAGE” that I received from Empowr Support Staff! After creating my  above YouTube video [ https://youtu.be/kohRyHm33NA ], they decided to respond to the comments that I was making. Below is the alert and the complete message that they sent me.


Hi Maurice, We are extremely sorry to hear that your experience on empowr has been anything less than stellar. While we’re sad to hear about your experience, we gladly welcome the opportunity to better educate others and help you to better understand what empowr business opportunity is all about. First, our program continues to improve its education system, so that all users can fully understand the platform. We understand that our prgram is different than any other platforms currently available, which is why our program has placed such emphasis on providing its citizens with as many resources as possible. With free, trained, 24-hour Success Coaches available to answer questions, and over 30 tutorial videos addressing major parts of the site, we are only continuing to add tools. When joining empowr, it’s important to really understand the platform’s mission, goals, and functionality. Our program is most certainly not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t be able to join, put in minimal effort, and take home a big paycheck. If you’re looking to put in quality time and effort to build up your own long-term brand or empire, then our program is the place to be. It takes a lot more than posting a few photos and statuses occasionally. There are various actions that need to be taken so that you’re maximizing your daily earnings. We’ve recently added new ways for users to know EXACTLY what actions to take on a given day to make sure they’re not missing out on any earnings. When you first join, empowr extends Ad Credits to you (with zero questions asked) to get your earnings going. These Ad Credits are what allow you to begin earning. These are completely optional- you can always choose to turn off your earnings. You can also adjust your account settings to ensure that no automatic payments are occurring, or even minimize the Ad Credits that you’re using. If you’re looking at your balance, it’s crucial that you understand that what you’re looking at are your all-time revenues. You need to be looking at your profits. Your 90-day matured earnings MINUS any ad credits utilized and fees are what you have available to cash out. Your earnings mature 90 days AFTER they are earned. While no one likes to have “fees”- these are fees that need to be repaid prior to cashing out for a service that our program has provided for you. The maturation process itself it’s arguably the most important part of why our company works at all. Maturity is what allows users to earn- it allows money to circulate throughout the economy, and ultimately reward those who are working the hardest. A common misconception is that the second you’ve hit your 90-mark of being an empowr member, you’re suddenly going to have a huge amount of money to cash out. This is where your Ad Credits come into play. Remember, that the only reason you’ve even earned anything at all is DUE to these Ad Credits. Which again, are completely optional. We also make it easy to receive a refund. You just visit http://www.empowr.com/refunds and you can request a speedy refund for something that you perhaps changed your mind about. Lastly- empowr is NOT Facebook. Our program is a business. It’s an economy, like any other. It’s an opportunity for you to create your own business, by doing things that are fun (and that you’re already doing for free on Facebook). We’re just providing you with the resources to start building your asset- it is then your responsibility to make sure you get there. Our program is in the process of introducing so many awesome and exciting changes- a revamp of the marketplace, ridding the platform of bots and fraudulent activity, increasing cash outs for everyone, expanding and improving its educational resources, making it easier for users to track and choose their earning path…to name a few.

We hope that you’ll stick around to see what’s around the corner.


Now of course, I can understand what their saying after the fact! But this should have been explained not only to me, but to all the members that was looking to join Empowr. Yes, I contacted “My Success Coach” about my Ad fee’s being taking from my PayPal account. He responded back two days later, telling my to request a refund which will go in my “EARLY CASH-OUT” account with Empowr! Why would it go there? It wasn’t taken from there!

So, I called PayPal and they had it back into my account within 3 business days! Boy was I glad! I also tried to go through the proper channels with Empower, but after them taking my money the way they did! I said “THE HECK WITH THAT!!! ” and I’m only being nice with the words that I use in this Empowr Scam Review.

I’m going to now show you the way that this supposedly  online money making business opportunity, finds it’s members. Then I will introduce you to a real business opportunity that don’t scam members out of their money, and pays very well for the price that they charge.


How Empowr Get Members!

The only way to join Empowr is through invitation. Someone would have to tell you about this opportunity…if you want to call it that, by word of mouth, or receiving a email. I received mine from a unknown individual  by email. Below is the actual email sent to me. I marked through the persons name for privacy reasons.


Now the email wasn’t all that “EYE-CATCHING” but I opened it up from curiosity, like most people do! You see, I received several of these email over a course of a couple of months, and I wanted to see what it was all about!

So, I responded to the email. Empower Had a way of peaking my interest, by feeding me a little information at a time. I call them Empower with an “E” after the W, because I believe they wants the “POWER” to do something…And that is…TAKE YOUR MONEY!!!

The next steps after clicking the blue rectangle box saying “Receive Your $10” ( which also they offer $20 and $50 to receive at difference occasions ) will take you though several other teaser. I will just show all of them below to save time with my “Empowr Review”.






Now You See How Empowr Lure Members In!

Tell me more is the key…The picture diagrams makes it seems very simple to do! And It was very easy, but it took-up a lot of my valuable time in the beginning. Because I wanted to make more money by “LIKING & POSTING!”  The more I did this…The more Empower was charging me and other members in “HIDDEN AD CHARGES”!!!  WOW…AND I MEAN…WOW!!!

What a sneaky way to make money! By “RIPPING-OFF” your members! And they had the nerves to send me a explanation for why I didn’t understand the program. Well! It’s seems like a very high percentage of others feel the same as I do! Maybe that’s why Empower place a “PAY NO ATTENTION TO US BEING A SCAM” in their back office. Just take a look at the picture below.


I Can’t Fake This…But The Empowr Scam Is True!

I real wanted to believe that this was a “Great Opportunity” to get involved in, but I didn’t think that this would turn out the way that it did! Although, I didn’t lose any money. I did lose a lot of my hard earn “TIME!” Which in most case, is more valuable than MONEY!

Some members lost hundreds of dollars in this program. And the sad thing about this opportunity!!! More people will  continue to join  as you read this Empowr Review. I hope that I was able to save as many as I could, by expressing my experience with this program.

The money that was shown in my balance below of over $3,000 will never be seen from this program…Well I got that part wrong! They will let me look at it, but NEVER HAVE IT! Look at what my account balance say!



If your looking for a opportunity that is Scam Free! Don’t give up…just don’t fall for Quick-Fast Money Making ones. If something looks like, and tell you it can put tons of money in your hands in a short time. Don’t Believe It! Now, Empowr never said it could give members large sums of money. But many thought so!

As I said early, there is a company that is honest and members are having great success with. Four Corners Alliance Group is that company! The income is built up over a period of time, but once a member is established with the program, payment are received on a regular basis.

Below is a video of one of the members with Four Corners Alliance Group, making a withdraw and receiving payments from income earnings from the company. Keep in mind that this earnings didn’t happen overnight, but within a short period of time.


Once again, this is not fast money! But within a period of time members can earn this income earnings. Plus this is a Global Business Opportunity! To find out more click the link below!


            >>> CLICK HERE! <<<





Best regards,


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Free to join, no monthly cost, pays up to $25 a Hour and bonus commissions available!



THW Global Advertising Helps Many!

Starting on July the 4th, 2016 THW Global Advertising will be in full operation, opening their doors or should I say…Business Opportunity, to many of thousands of people looking for ways to make money from home.

This form of business opportunity is bound to shake up the way most people make money online and at home business opportunities as well! So July the 4th, 2016 will be a great day for these individuals who jump in on this program.


Some people believe, that online business opportunity programs are geared in one way! To help make the top leaders receive the most income potential, and leave the bottom person struggling. Now…don’t get me wrong about all make money online business opportunities, there are some that are good programs, but most are hard to find! But, that’s where THW Global Advertising comes in!!!


The THW Global Advertising Scam!

The first thing that will come out of most skeptics mouths is…”This is a THW Global Advertising Scam!” They will say this without really doing any true research, which they really don’t care, just as long as they can convince you that it is a THW Global Advertising scam!

Yes, this will be real interesting in the weeks, months and even years after THW becomes noticeable in the make money online business world. Review Writers, YouTube Video Makers and Make Money Online Gurus will be definitely calling this a SCAM! Why? Because they know that lots…and I mean…Lots of people will be looking into this new way to earn money.




You see, the skeptics love to label businesses like THW bad, in hopes of gaining your trust to get their opportunity going, by recruiting YOU! So they write false reviews about a company or online business opportunity, and call it a ” THW Global Advertising Scam” or something very similar.

I feel like, if you don’t know first hand experience on a particular home business opportunity, leave the negative crap out! Because in the long run you’re only “LYING” and your business will never be able to prosper!

Now let’s find out more about THW, without me giving out negative information in this THW Global Advertising Review.


What is THW Business Opportunity About?

Well like any business, he main goal is to generate a profit by giving a sincere service or goods to the customer. So, as you may know THW is a advertising company. Their main goal is to take rating of various Movies-Videos-Commercials and a list of others.

The company (THW) cannot handle this tremendous amount of ratings all by themselves, so this is where outsourcing (YOU) comes in. THW is willing to pay individuals to help them handle this large quantity of work.

Plus THW has to have a wide variety of mixed cultures in order to do their ratings requirements, that’s why the work is available and covers all four corners of the world. So, this means that your  help is NEEDED!

THW Global Advertising calls their particular advertising business- IV, which stands for “INTERNATIONAL VIEWER.” These IV’s will be doing the rating process of Movies, Videos, Commercials and More. THW will be paying the IV’s according to the work that’s being done ( I’ll discuss payment later).

Now, the IV’s will be from all walks of the world and covering different geographical area as well. THW will not charge any of these IV’s any enrollment fees or monthly fees like most work from home opportunities do! There is no hidden cost to the participants that “Join THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity.”

What exactly is THW? Well, just think of it as YouTube in reverse, YouTube helps people create tons of money by posting videos and Advertisements, while earning money from the contents that are being viewed. THW let’s you do the viewing and earn money with their “BetterThanYouTube Video’s!”

Advertiser spent over 70 BILLION DOLLARS on advertising alone in 2013, and in 2017 it’s expected to reach over the 100 BILLION DOLLARS amount. So, as you can see THW will be able to get a share of this Multi- Billion Dollar income through advertisement. Do you want to be on the receiving end of this income potential?


THW Global Advertising Pays Very Good!

Now let’s take a look at what THW is willing to pay each member for being a IV Agent ( International Viewer ). The pay is based on being paid two different ways, but both can be combined to work hand in hand, which I highly recommend.

Imagine not only being paid up to $25 a hour for 10 hours a week for watching “BetterThanYouTube Type Videos”, but also being paid up to $5 an hour up to ten hours, for each person you personally sponsor for doing exactly the same.


You’ll also receive an additional $1 a hour up to ten hours for your sponsors  who sponsor someone else as well. You will receive this down through ten levels per sponsoring. And everyone will be doing the same thing watching and rating these “BetterThanYouTube Type Videos”.

Here Are Some Examples:

You find 10 others to do the same, and you would earn up to $2,000 a month in commissions. Plus your $1,000 a month in regular pay!

You build a 10 level team of hundreds or more to do the same, you would earn up to $40 Monthly for each person within the ten levels!

As you can see the income opportunity with this program is “PHENOMENAL“, and  what did it cost anyone to get involved? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Again, there’s two parts that can be used in this program – Hourly Part and the Sponsoring Part. Either one of these will be very profitable, but I recommend doing both, because it make sense.


Ways to Promote THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity!

Okay, you may be asking…How can I promote the THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity? The field of promoting this work from home opportunity is wide open! Remember there are people that are always looking for ways to make money online!

Here are just a few examples:

(1) Facebook

(2) Twitter


(4) Craigslist

(5) Postcards

(6) YouTube Videos

(7) Google+

All of the above ways to promote this opportunity can be very effective, and most of all…you don’t need a lot of people. Word of mouth is probably the most powerful one of all, even though I failed to listed it above.

Below is an example of a postcard that I’m using.


Postcard THW

I also have a YouTube Video promoting THW that you can watch. Keep in mind that I’m very camera shy, so don’t judge my fear of publicly taking. I have asked several people that join THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity, to just post a comment in the YouTube comment section saying, ” I Just Joined THW” or something similar. So the number of people who posted comments, would give others a idea of how good this is!

The YouTube title is ” THW Global Advertising – Why Join THW Global! and the direct link is https://youtu.be/Fq9-fask7dg .

Once again, all of the mentioned ways to promote the THW Opportunity is very effective, and the business going to be a great success to all that takes advantage of this exciting opportunity.



ATM Machine



Thanks for reading my THW Global Advertising Review. Please feel free to leave comments!



Thanks again,

Maurice Grayson

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Free Download


Free Downloadable E-Book



Think and Grow Rich  <<< Click Here!


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$20 Guaranteed to Receive!!!

You Will Receive $20


Yes, I will deposit $20 into your account that is established with EMPOWR! This company (Empowr) is  paying people just like yourself, just to post images and comments on their site. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you to be a part of the business opportunity. Let me repeat what I just said… “THIS IS FREE FOR YOU TO JOIN!!!!”  Plus… I’m donating $20 into your account with the company, after you completed the enrollment process. There is absolutely no other cost to you at all. As so as you join, you can start posting and earning money!

ATM Machine

You will earn money with Empowr on a daily basis! The only thing you need to do is post 2- 5 post or comments a day and Empowr and the other members within the group will help you obtain you goals. The level of income can only increase as you continue to be a member of the EMPOWR TEAM! Remember it cost you nothing to join Empowr and you don’t pay any members a monthly fee or commission to join! I pay you to join…In fact I pay you $20  just for joining.

Once you join Empowr, you will be making $100’s of dollar a week just by posting on the site. This is 100% TRUE and members are earning money…And You Will Too!!!

What’s The Next Step?

The next step is to complete the sign-up form below with your accurate information, and I will send you a email with the complete steps on joining Empowr.



 Special Free Downloadable E-Book

Free Download ebookcover-ThinkandGrowRich

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Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Scam or Legit!

What’s  my opinion of 4 Corners Alliance Group! A true in depth review.


Name: Four Corners Alliance Group                                                                                       Website URL: www.4cornersalliancegroup.com                                                CEO/Owner: David Harrison                                                                                                Price: $18 one-time payment                                                                                             Overall Rank: 98 out of 100




Recently I  came across  a promotional email of a Internet network marketing company named  Four  Corners Alliance Group,  one of my pervious down lines  urged  me to take a look at this company.

Well quite naturally I was  very skeptical about company, meaning  that I have  never heard of  4 Corners Alliance Group in all the years of  my Internet  marketing experience. So, I  sat on  finding  more about this company  until  a later date, but see the one-time only $18 cost made me  very  curious!

I thought…”What if this was a Four Corners Alliance Group Scam!” Where they lure you into purchasing more items  (up-sells) at highly over inflated  prices. Yes, I’m  pretty sure  that you  know what  I  mean…”$100 for coaching” “$39-$59 for monthly  membership” I  think  you know where I’m going with this, especially if you’ve been down this road  before  like so many others  have.

But wait! That’s  not the case with this opportunity,  so please  continue reading  this full 4 Corners Alliance Group Review…I  believe you might be thrilled when you  hear the full story!
Guide to Riches


Investigating  4 Corners Alliance Group

I first started  looking into  4CAG  like anyone else would  do, though Google searches and YouTube videos. But when  you do these type of  investigational  searches, be prepared to  expect  a wide variety of different  opinions…meaning, you might not know  who to believe!

I mainly  found out when I  read  blogs and  articles,  that nearly  everyone  talked  about was that this Is “4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam” , but they never gave definitive proof.  They never said  in their  written  articles that they was a member of the 4CAG, if so I  would have  wanted to  know  more about how  they were  scammed.

Plus be prepared  for the authors of  these so called reviews or scam busters to offer you a better  opportunity  as the  “so-call-it!” Usually  there’s an enormous amount involved too!

YouTube was my next source of  finding  out about if this could be  4 Corners Alliance Group legitimate opportunity.  You see I  like to think in a positive way  about things, and not judge this company or anything in a negative way  first. YouTube  is a great  platform  of good  information,  because  you can physical  hear as well as see what you’re  trying to  obtain.

Many members talked  highly about this being an excellent opportunity, and  has shown  definitive  proof of  receiving income from  the program. I  know what you’re thinking…”Hey! How could they  show  proof?” Well, Four Corners Alliance Group issues a Visa debit card  as a form of  receiving  payment, and  members  have went to various places receiving  payments while doing video recording and  placing  them  on YouTube.

Also  members  have log into  their 4 Corners Alliance Group Back office and have shown various amounts of down lines  in their Back office. There’s  no way  that a member  with 4CAG, can  manipulate the number of people/members, in  a live video  shot; that they have  personally  sponsored and that’s  in their down line.

I would say, if you’re looking to do research on 4CAG, please don’t  jump to  conclusions,  that this is a scam! Keep in mind  there are people  out there  that wants to  “Rip You Off!” This  is not  one of those type of business,  you never send  any money to  members at All!!!

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group legitimate? Yes, I can absolutely say that this is not a Scamming company.  Members  put in the efforts to  work the business… which doesn’t  requires  much effort  at all, and are reaping  great rewards from their  doings.


What is 4 Corners Alliance Group Marketing?

Four Corners Alliance Group(Review) is a company that’s  in business  to make a profit, with out  able to  achieving any Profit margins, a business is doomed to  not be there long.

4CAG has put together  a series  of marketing  financial  literacy product’s, a total  of 31 in all. These financial  literacy product’s  are divided into  6 level groups.

The products are  designed to  help the individuals to be able to  have a complete  understanding of  a wide variety of investment  knowledge, from understanding  real estate to investments  with sliver  and gold,  just to touch  a couple of the many that 4CAG will teach  individuals.



The “Real Money,” in my opinion is  being  a affiliate member with  the company itself, but  still the products are quite  wonderful as well,  even though I  am  in the early stage of  being a  member of the program. You can take a look at all the 31 different products  by going to this link if you’re  interested.


See What $18 can Turn Into!



What is The 4CAG Affiliate program?

As I stated earlier  members can earn commissions  on every  person  that they refer, that join 4 Corners Alliance Group.  Remember  the cost is only a  one-time payment of $18, which  $8 goes to administrative support for joining  the company.  The other  $10 goes  towards the  cost of  your  1st product.

There is only 6 levels of income  earnings that 4CAG pays out. Here is a basic  break down  of the  six levels of  commission payments.

  • Level one: $4 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level two: $4 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level three: $10 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level four: $24 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level five: $60 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level six: $120 per Referral – Unlimited


above is a basic view of the payout commissions that members earn for being in the program. To see a complete  video presentation from the CEO ( David Harrison ) that explains the commission payout in better details click the image above.


Final Opinion of 4 Corners Alliance Group

As  a Reviewer/member, this is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in. The business doesn’t take much effort in order to be very successful…”You only need four (4) referrals on the first level to start.” There are so many ways to start promoting this opportunity. Facebook is a great place to start, because everyone could use the extra income. I give my members that enroll under me either 50 or 100 free Leads that has email address of potential referrals.

Keep in mind that this is a global business opportunity, which means that your income earns are not limited. I would hope that you are not seeking a opportunity that is overly priced…If so, this is not that type of business opportunity! 4 Corners Alliance Group is priced for everyone to be able to afford, as well as SUCCEED!

There no training, call making, postcard mailings or chasing individuals. You must make a choice if you wish to continue on the same road, or take an alternative route! Many member that chose to join 4 Corners Alliance Group, are very glad that they made the right decision.  

Please take the time to examine this company and the compensation plan that they have to offer. Once you have done this, tell me what you think! I believe you will agree with me and the countless number of others that this is a “REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY!”  And most of all…”This is a 4 Corners Alliance Group Legitimate Opportunity!”        
Make Money from Home
Thanks for coming to my “Four Corners Alliance Review.” Please leave all comments in the “Leave Reply” section below!


Special Free Downloadable E-Book




Thanks again,



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EzProfit 100 Review

EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity…”PLEASE READ THIS FULL EZPROFIT 100 REVIEW!” You need to know some important  facts about the EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity before making a decision!


EzProfit100 Review

Are You Curious About The EzProfit 100 System?

Maybe you have received some marketing materials such as a postcard or flyer saying…”Receive $100 Bills by Being a Participant in The EZ Profit 100 Business Opportunity!” But you might be a little curious and somewhat skeptical about if the program is legitimate or basically just another EzProfit 100 Scam!

Well, whatever the case may be, I’m going to clarify the legitimacy of this opportunity. Before I continue, I can’t resist the chance to explain why I believe people get in “Make Money from Home Business Adventures”.

The main reason I believe is, that people are drawn to make money opportunity programs, is mainly because of their “FINANCIAL SITUATION“, some of us have gotten ourselves in certain situations that requires us to look for alternative ways to help lift that financial burden.

You might think finding an extra job could clear up some of your money worries, but what if that’s not always possible for you? Your time could be the biggest issue of not being able to take on that second job! What if your RETIRED, and just not able or don’t want to enter the WORK FORCE (9-5) AGAIN!

The EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity is a work from home opportunity that was basically designed for the “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”, the “WORKING CLASS PEOPLE” just like you and me. If you can sit down and take a total of 2-3 hours per week placing a stamp on a postcard, then you’ll ENJOY THIS PROGRAM!!!


Is The EzProfit 100 System a SCAM?

Most of the offers pertaining to business opportunities are very hard to distinguish between LEGITIMATE OFFERS and SCAM SYSTEMS! Business opportunity or so called systems, lure you into their program and give you a sense of idea that you can be FINANCIALLY RICH in only a short period of time.

EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity

Let me tell you…There’s NO SYSTEM on the face of this earth, that’s ever going to legally let you or anyone go to “RICH STATUS” within a few short days, weeks, months or a year. I don’t want desperate people to be lead by false hopes in scam related business opportunities. When it comes down to it, I rather see people continue to work and scuffle to make ends meet, then to see them being scammed by some “COLD HEARTED PERSON!”

Now, back to your original question; “Is The EzProfit 100 System a Scam?” I received the EzProfit 100 Postcard in the mail myself, and I was very interested and impressed with what I read on the EzProfit 100 Postcard. As a matter of fact, I called several times the 24 Hour Hot-line (706) 569-6610 that’s listed on the postcard, to listen to Mr. Art Rayburn ( Owner of the Program) had to say!

I was really pleased, and I mean “REALLY PLEASED” at what I read and heard as well! I was so pleased that I joined the program. So, I guess by now you can figure out that is not a EzProfit 100 scam system. You’re absolutely right! I joined the opportunity…I had a “GREAT FEELING of SECURITY,” knowing that my investment wouldn’t be a costly mistake!

The company that is owned by  Mr. Rayburn, goes by the name of, “THE RAYBURN GROUP” and the business has been in operation since early part of 2009, and as far as my knowledge there hasn’t been a complaint on the company or the EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity.

EzProfit 100 Review!

I do believe that you too can “fill Your Pockets with $100 Bills Over and Over Again!” But I also believe that it’s going to take ACTION and TIME! Without these two combined you’re doomed to FAIL! Success is something that can be achieved  and the I can’t call this a EzProfit 100 scam, because the thousands that will join EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity will enjoy the program!

Just remember these key elements… “ACTION and TIME!” I can’t stress this enough to you and hopefully the hundreds of people that read my “EzProfit 100 Review,” if you want to change your financial income situation, you need to treat this like a EzProfit 100 Business…and not like a HOBBY!


What’s the EzProfit 100 Business Requirements?

Many work from home opportunities have hidden requirements after you join their programs. The EzProfit 100 business opportunity doesn’t hide anything from the members. Once you join EzProfit 100, there’s NO MEETINGNO CALLINGNO BUGGING FAMILY MEMBERSNO EXPLAININGNO COMPUTER REQUIRED!

The only thing you have to do is simply “Mail Postcards or Flyers.” Yes, that’s it! There’s nothing farther that’s required of you! But if you want to promote the business by other means, such as online marketing and social media, it definitely can be done with no problem!

I left out two other requirements for the program, you must be 18 years of age and this program is only available for people that lives in the United States. Sorry for those that live in another country, maybe in the near future Mr. Rayburn will offer the EzProfit 100 Postcard Business to more countries later, but for now it’s limited to the United States only.


The Cost to Join EzProfit 100 and Compensation Plan

Here’s what I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting to here about; The cost to join EzProfit 100 and the compensation plan! It only cost a one-time fee of $129…with no other monthly payments! After joining this business opportunity, you will “NEVER PAY AGAIN!”

The compensation pay-out is very good! You’ll receive $100 for each person that personally join EzProfit 100 Postcard system under you. But you must pass up two of your sign-ups to your sponsor, which I like to call your “Silent Business Partner” don’t panic, because everyone that you sponsor will do the same as well!

The people members that will be given up is the 2nd and 4th members, and you will keep the 1st…3rd…5th and every one after, to infinity. This is called the “Reverse 2 up Compensation Plan, and the pay- out is quite rewarding, “Click Here” for more details!

EzProfit100 Compensation Plan

EzProfit 100 Compensation Plan

The Commission checks are mailed out every week once you have met the requirements of joining the program. Keep in mind that the business is not hard at all to do! You can work the business only a few hours a week as many do, and still earn a good income. You just have to work the business as Mr. Rayburn describes, and it will “WORK FOR YOU!”


What Comes In Your Members Kit?

Once you become a paid member, you’ll receive a members kit from the Rayburn Group. Inside this kit is you’re welcome package that basically explain in simply terms how to work the program very effective for  you can start receiving those $100’s payments on a steady pace.

You’ll also receive 120 Peel-n-Stick Mailing labels, a $45 value. The mailing labels are just a kick start to help members find potential prospects, the postcards are sold separately with a unique username that you choose, that will link your business back to you for proper commission payments to you!

Also in the Members Kit is a 12 song  Christian Music CD a $20 value, performed by Mr. Art Rayburn. The songs on the CD were written and recorded between 1989 & 1991. They’re an early expression of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Not to leave out! You’ll receive “FREE of CHARGE” a Marketing Website where all of the member and prospects can find a complete detailed  explanation of how the EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity works. This is a $348 value , but it’s included in your Members Kit with no additional cost.


Have More Questions?

Now, I understand that people will always have questions, and so does Mr. Art Rayburn, that’s why he’s made it even more easier for the members of the program. If anyone should have a question that not answered in the website’s F&Q section..see below!

EzProfit 100 F&Q Section

If the answer to your questions can’t be found in the F&Q Section of the website, Mr Art Rayburn will be more than happy to answer any of your question pertaining to the program by email or phone. You can’t beat this!


My Free Gift to You!

Just for you taking the time to read my EzProfit 100 Review, I would like to give you a “FREE GIFT!” As  a token of appreciation, I will give you a free download copy of “THINK AND GROW RICH” by Napoleon Hill, this book has helped millions of people all over the world…including myself! Achieve financial glory, and I would love for you to have it and enjoy it as well.


Click Here to Receive FREE Gift!

A Final Word!

I read a report awhile back, on the Social Security Administration doing a independent investigation on “Following 100 Working People Career”. Here’s what was found in their study: Take the career path of 100 people and follow them 40 years until they reach retirement age.

Only 1 will be wealthy!

4 will be financially secure!

5 will continue to work ( Because They Have Too)!

36 will be dead!

54 will be dead broke ( Depending on Others for Support)!


That’s 5% successful and 95% unsuccessful. We see people like that every day of our lives, just take a look around you, some of us have family members that fall in those categories. The question I must ask you is…Which group do you want to be in? You do have a choice!


Join EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity!




Thanks for taking the time to read my EzProfit 100 Review, and enjoy your “FREE GIFT!”

Thanks again,




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Motor Club of America

Motor Club of America – Why Join MCA?

Are you looking for a reason to join Motor Club of America, but might need a helpful opinion from another source? Well! I would like to give you my opinion about if you should join MCA or if it’s just a Motor Club of America Scam!




Motor Club of America

Who is MCA Motor Club of America?

For those of you who might not quite be familiar with Motor Club of America, better known as MCA, this company is providing emergency roadside assistance to it’s members that happen to need help in time of one of those unexpected situations. MCA has been in business since 1926 providing excellent services to over 7 million satisfied customers.

In the mid 1980’s MCA handed over the day to day operations to TVC Marketing Associates, while delivery the same quality of services as a emergency roadside assistance provider. TVC Marketing Associates also took MCA to unheard of heights as a company that many people assumed in changing flat tires, which I’ll discuss the remarkable changes that TVC Marketing Associates incorporated into MCA as I continue my “Motor Club of America Review.

There are several companies that are similar to MCA, and some of these companies are MCA’s competitors, but MCA is not like most of their competition. MCA never does any formal advertising like any of their counterparts. Advertising is solely relied on all of MCA’s members to make the company grow as a whole, and this was Virgil Coffee’s vision; to see the company expand while helping others through rewards.

Motor Club of America has been providing these basic services as a emergency roadside assistance provider to every citizens of the United States and Canada for well over 90 years. Just think about being on a lonely road… “Stranded with no help around you!”That’s where MCA has helped thousands of it’s members by coming to their assistance. The services… “are next to none when it comes needing help!”



What is The Service and Benefits MCA has to Offer?

As I have mentioned earlier in my Motor Club of America Review, MCA helps people that are stranded due to an unfortunate vehicle breakdown, but they go a little further than any roadside assistance  provider does! Below is a image along with the list of all the services and benefits that MCA has to offer!

Motor Club of America Review

MCA’s Unlimited Emergency Roadside Assistance: If your vehicle should become disable and requires needed assistance…”You’re Covered with MCA!”

MCA’s Travel Assistance Reimbursement: Receive up to $500 travel reimbursement if your vehicle breakdown while traveling more than 50 miles from home. You can use this towards- car rental, hotels, meals and air fare, if needed.

MCA’s Trip Planning & Travel Discounts: If you should need assistance while planning your trips, MCA will help you! Also assisting you with much needed discounts on hotels, car rentals, air fare and much…much more!

MCA’s $25,000 Bail Bond: Motor Club of America Benefits covers you with a $25,000 bail bond certificate, use this certificate in case you’re in a related vehicle accident that caused an arrest unto you! Must not be alcohol or drug related and driver’s license must not be suspended  or revoked.

MCA’s $2,000 to Defend & $1,000 to Protect You: You’ll receive up to $2,000 in fees to defend you and $1,000 to protect you in lawyer fees in court if you should need an attorney to represent you in the court of law. Must not be alcohol or drug related and driver’s license must not be suspended  or revoked.

MCA’s $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward:  a $5,000 reward is paid to any law enforcement agency or individual leading to the arrest of the person responsible of the theft of your vehicle. All reward payments are honored through Motor Club of America Benefits Plan.

MCA’s $1,000 Credit Card Protection: You’ll receive $1,000 in credit card protection in the event of loss or stolen credit cards.

MCA’s $500 Farm Equipment Reward: A $500 reward is paid to any law enforcement agency or individual leading to the arrest of the person responsible of the theft of your farm equipment.

MCA’s Up to $500 Emergency room Benefits: You’ll receive up to $500 paid directly to you in emergency room benefits related to a covered accident at home, work or a vehicle accident.

MCA’s Up to $54,750 in Hospital Benefits: You’ll receive up to the amount of $54,750 in hospital benefits in related accident at home, work or vehicle accident should you become hospitalized.

MCA’s $50,000 Accidental Death Coverage: Your beneficiary will receive $50,000 of death benefits should you be killed in a accident, either at work home or in a vehicle related accident.

MCA’s Discount Dental, Vision and Prescription: You as a covered member will receive up to 20% discount on dental care, Vision care and all prescription drugs through your Motor Club of America Benefits Plan.

MCA’s Business Opportunity: Every member that join MCA can promote the opportunity as their own personal business, and earn a great income.




What is the MCA Business Opportunity?

Earlier I mentioned that TVC Marketing Associates did something that was unheard of in the industry of emergency roadside assistance plans! MCA has made their products and services available to all members, but MCA has also made their business opportunity program open to every member as well!

What does the business opportunity actually means? Well!!! What this means is that you as a member can earn extra money by referring others to MCA as a member who’s receiving many of the same benefits like so many of the other members have received.

Don’t own a vehicle!!! It doesn’t matter…You can still earn cash money even if you don’t have a vehicle!…In other words…”Anyone in the U.S. & Canada Can Do This Business Opportunity Program!

Motor Club of America Review

TVC Marketing Associates will pay every member of MCA Motor Club of America $80 for each referral that signs up and join Motor Club of America! There’s no limit on how many people that join MCA from the sponsoring agent that refer new members to the program.

The cost to join MCA is very reasonable, only a one-time upfront fee of $40…which covers the 1st and last month membership to join MCA, then the monthly payments is only $19.95 a month. This is a very low price of being able to receive full services and benefits from a company along with the possibilities of earn a great income!




Is MCA Motor Club of America Scam or Legit?

One question that some people might ask…”Is MCA Motor Club of America Scam or Legit?” The only way that I feel that a person can truly find out if this is a Motor Club of America Scam or a legitimate business opportunity, is to join MCA and experience the services for themselves!

I can honest say that I’m a member with this great organization, and have never encounter any problems with MCA! Most people that does have a problem with MCA are usually promoting other business opportunities, and likes to label MCA as “Motor Club of America Scam Artist,”because they would love to see people not join MCA, and join there program instead! 

There’s a lot of fly by night opportunity program out there! This companies or program love to say… “This is the Best Opportunity!“Or ” This Program will Make You MILLIONS!” I would definitely stay away from these types of scam promotion!

The longevity of the existence of MCA speaks for itself! MCA has been in business since 1926 and has served it’s members proudly! If another company takes over another company, that doesn’t constitute that this is a Motor Club of America Scam, as I stated…TVC Marketing Associates successfully handles all of MCA operations!

There are members…or should I say “Independent Agents“(that’s members who Market the business opportunity) that are earning a great income with the MCA business opportunity, and some of these agents are earning figures as high as six figures annually!

It’s not uncommon for a great majority of MCA agents to earn over $40,000 within their first year of joining MCA. Now of course these income are not typical for everyone that market the program, due to the fact that everyone’s work ethics is different from one another! I can say that if you follow the instructions that are given to you…You will get great results!




New system that creates a income better than Motor Club of America! Click the image below!


Join EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity!

          Special Free Downloadable E-Book





Thank you for reading my Motor Club of America Review! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Thanks again,



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