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In today’s online world, people want to know how can I make legitimate money online? Well, this question can be a very long subject, much like the 0.J. murder trial that went on for months. But with my review, there will be a much better ending where both will come out as winners! Now before I get down to my point, it may seem like I’m taking you in directions that may not be related to the topic story of earning money, but I will give you quality information in the end.

You see ( quick explanation of my detours ) in order to get my blog post rankings high in google and other sites, there are so many qualifications that must be met. One such requirement is to have good content, that will be exactly what a reader is searching for. And my content – is “ How can I make legitimate money online” and the “I” would represent you!

Now, there are much more other requirements that search engines require, but that’s another long drawn out subject, that I won’t elaborate on. But, have you heard one of the money making slogans…”Fire Your Boss!” And wonder really what it meant? I guess you’re saying, it’s self explanatory! You’re quitting your job and doing whatever the person that’s pitching that particular misleading business opportunity. Why do I call it misleading? Well, because they give or let you lead yourself to thinking that it’s going to happen super fast! There’s no overnight miracles like that.

 Planting a Financial Harvest?

You have to sow your seeds, and then and only then will the harvest come. I know…You don’t have time to plant seeds and wait for results. Well, you’re setting yourself up for instance FAILURE! Then you’re going to blame the how I can make legitimate money online as a SCAM, and not the real problem. I’m I saying that every online and offline business opportunities are legitimate work from home programs? No! There are scams and there will continue to be. I’m just saying we give up to soon on ourselves.

Doing homework and proper investigation is your best course, before joining a work from home, Give up Your 9 to 5 Job or a number of other names that they are called. The opportunities are out there…You just have to make a good sound decision on your choices. And I give you three of my top picks at the end of my easy to work online legitimate business.

But first, let me briefly tell you a short story. Remember I said that I might detour off course during my review, but it’s still worth hearing and you might fall under the same category. My story begins like a lot of people,trying to survive off of the typical 40 hours a work week job. While struggling trying to keep up with life’s basic things, I found it very difficult. Married with two kids and two step children I was finding it very hard to stay up with the pace of everyday life’s needs.

So I decided to try my hand at available home internet jobs. I wasn’t just looking for something that had a set pay, and that would require loopholes that would benefit only the supporting company at hand. You see, I wanted something that would be very rewarding and not just low paying ( I wanted freedom as well ).This search started back in the year of 2004, before the birth of my first child. You see, I was always interested in the make money from easy online job programs, but didn’t know how and where to go about this.


My Top 3 Business Opportunities!

After several different work at home opportunities, some were legitimate and some were not! I finally came across 3 programs on how I can make legitimate money online. Of course some are not total online work, but I have found a way to incorporate two of the three work from home online business opportunities into workable offline as well. So, I will just briefly tell you what each home money making programs these are, and you can visit the sites that I put together that explain in a YouTube video.

The first income money making program is called “Club Cash Fund” and this program pays the individuals who’s interested in joining “Club Cash Fund” unlimited amounts of $20 in cash. The program will pay Club Cash Fund members through 3 levels of pay. This program is marketable through offline and online marketing. Here is a link to the online marketing The offline marketing ( postcards )part is explained by me solely by email contact to joining members.

The next business opportunity is landing or capture page opportunity. With this program, this is a must for anyone looking to do any type of online business. It doesn’t matter if the business is a barbershop, car wash, lawn care service, fitness health center or any numerous types of ideas. The company behind this program is called “The Conversion Pros”. They will pay you unlimited $25 for each paid member that join The Conversion Pros program. You can join this program for 14 days absolutely FREE with no credit needed, to see if you like the program or not. Here’s their link >>>Get The FREE TRIAL!<<<

The final but definitely not the least credible work from home business opportunities is called DME, which stands for “Direct Mail Essential”. DME has one business opportunity with the option to get involved in a second opportunity. I really love this program because it has the potential to generate unheard of income. If you just promote the postcard mailing aspect part, your income potentials are unlimited $5, $10, and $25 commissions.

DME has a second optional income generator with an explosive company that’s in the health and nutrition field. The postcard promoting and this health nutrition company works well together, but is totally optional as stated before. Here’s the link to the DME  >>>POSTCARD OPPORTUNITY!<<<

Hope you enjoyed my report on “how I can make legitimate money online” these are very reparable work from home programs, and the pay can be very rewarding to each individual who is serious about commitment. Here is the YouTube link that directs you to all programs, >>>ALL THREE PROGRAMS!<<<


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Hello, I'm Maurice, and I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to view my business opportunity reviews. In the past, I was search for business opportunity after opportunity, and always seem to never had any luck! But, I realize that there was legitimate online business opportunities out there. And I found that has helped me and hundreds of others, if not thousands! You can find out more by going to . I hope you will enjoy my reviews and leave a comment where you see fit. Thanks again, Maurice
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