Easy Cash 4 Ad’s Review: Fake or True!

Company: EasyCash4Ads Owers: Craig Haywood Cost: One-time $19 Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Are You Searching About EasyCash4Ads?

Hello, interested readers of my Easy Cash 4 Ads review, I hope your day is going extremely well? As you know there are many opportunities and systems out there that promotes enticing ways to earn money either working from home or doing mail order/ internet work, which in reality classifies as wanting to earn an income.

My name is Maurice Grayson, as like so many people, I too have searched tirelessly for ways to earn extra money without having to pickup that extra second job. You know the one where you might have to get off one job and go directly to the other, or work that second job on the weekends.

Who wants to tie up all their time just continuously working all the time? I believe in the phrase “Work Smarter Not Harder”! That’s what lead me to searching for some type of opportunity that wasn’t too time consuming, and I came according EasyCash4Ads.

Now, of course I wasn’t going to look at Easy Cash 4 Ads as being the perfect online opportunity, I was going to be 100 percent skeptical of it at first before saying it was going to be the program I joined. I’ve been burned so many times by other programs that literally was no use to me whatsoever. Only to take my money and leaving feeling screwed again…You may have been in my same situation!

So, I googled the keywords “Is EasyCash4Ads a Legitimate Opportunity” “Is Easy Cash 4 Ads a scam” I even searched YouTube just to get a sense of direction of what others had to say about the program. You know, I was looking for that 4-to-5-star ratings that you normally see when you’re ordering off Amazon.

I came out seeing that a lot of people spoke pretty positive about the program, and others tried to draw potential people to their offers which was not related to Easy Cash for Ads.

Is EasyCash4Ads a Scam?

I realized that I would have to come to my own conclusion about Easy Cash for Ads, and it took me roughly about a week or so to come up that is EasyCash4Ads a scam? I couldn’t put this program in the category of being unethical or a fake opportunity that would scam individuals out of their hard earn money.

Now, I realized that some people was willing to work the program and give it a try, while some people will just not put the effort in and try to see if it would work. You see there’s good and bad basically in everything in life, and online opportunity have gotten a bad blemish put on them. But there are some good ones out there.

People can generally call any opportunity a scam after joining them and putting very little work or effort into them. This program EZCash4Ads is no exceptions to that rule! It’s not a get rich quick scheme, for the person getting involved or the creators of this opportunity.

As I stated before, you must put in some form of effort and a little work. The system is laid out very simple for everyone to be able to understand and get off to a quick start. My next step is to explain how much it cost to join EasyCash4Ads?

What is The Cost to Join Easy Cash 4 Ads?

The program is very affordable at a low one-time cost of only $19. In all reality, who couldn’t afford to pay that low cost to join EasyCash4Ads? Many programs charge several times that much and includes a monthly membership charge along with upgrades that has you paying hundreds of dollars more in hidden charges. But EasyCash4Ads doesn’t charge it’s members a monthly fee, it’s only $19 and that’s a onetime charge excluding your personal marketing cost.

Why is the cost $19? Well, $10 goes to the person who introduced the joining member to the program. And there’s a $9 fee that goes to admin which gives the joining member access to their promotional website and back office as well as training tools to promote the program. Also, if they have their own affiliate opportunity, they can promote that for 30 seconds on a joining members EasyCash4Ads website. This is where you can earn extra money, if you have another program your involved in, but it’s not required.

The low price of $19 to join EZCash4Ads is relatively low and meant to be affordable for everyone to be able to join. The return rate is extremely profitable, with an unimaginable return on your small investment. Next, I will explain how to qualify.

You Must Qualify in Order to Join!

Now you must meet a certain qualification upon joining. A joining member of EasyCash4Ads must give up their first 2 members to the person (their sponsor) who introduced them to the opportunity, which are called their qualifiers. Once you passed up your 2 qualifiers to your sponsor, then you keep everyone after that. It may not seem fair to give up your first two members, but in all honesty, you are gaining more members in the long term, keep reading and you’ll see.

Now, you will receive the same from every member that joins the program under you. They will give up their first 2 members to as well. This cycle is repeated for everyone who joins EasyCash4Ads. The team that I joined with, we all decided to come up with a way to help our joining members out on getting these 2 members that they passed up. This way it would benefit all who came into the program.

We came up with a rotator system, which shuffle their link (new member’s link) so that they can get their first 2 members faster. This helps out the new member so they can start earning those unlimited $10 a whole lot sooner. Plus, we showed them in a training video how to do the same, which they were able to share down the line with others. How awesome this came out to be!

How Can I Advertise EasyCash4Ads?

There are many ways to advertise the program to people. I advertise using direct mail, and yes, it’s still a very effective way to reach people wanting to know a way to earn extra money. I have a short one-page letter that gets their attention, plus a second letter that offers reduced low-cost postage stamps (.25 cent for first class stamps) just request from me upon joining.

Another way to promote EasyCash4Ads is through submission sites. You can have your link sent to hundreds of individuals in an email blast by a submission company. The price is very reasonable something like $20 sent to 10,000 emails.

Also, we point you to a system that keeps the opportunity in front of a potential prospect through a system called “Capture Page” which delivers a series a professional developed emails. Of course this is optional but recommended in order for optimum performance ( income to you ).

Is There Anything Extra That I Get After Joining?

We give specially crafted emails to all of our new team members, a video showing you how to make this program most effective for you, that in return is able to get the most benefit from using this opportunity. Plus, I give each member that joins directly under me a FREE GIFT at no cost. This free gift is good for 1 month, you’ll have to join in order to find out. Just in case you don’t know…EasyCash4Ads has been around since 2016 and is stronger than ever!

When you join EasyCash4Ads which I hope you will. You’re getting an opportunity that many others will do the same (join), if you think that you will have to spend time on the phone trying to get people to join…You will never have to talk with anyone, at the most someone might email you and ask …” How’s the program going for you?”

If you read the above last statement I made, I guess it should give you a general idea how I feel about the program/opportunity. Duplicate is the key to everything in this program. If you can repeat what another successful person has done, it increases your chances of being successful as well. Is EasyCash4Ads legitimate program? YES!!!

Join EasyCash4Ads and I’ll help you get your first 2 members plus give you access to all the tools to make this program as successful for you as it has for other members. Plus I’ll give you an “ Free Secret Bonus Gift” just click the link below and follow the instructions. Thank you for reading my “EasyCash4Ads Review: Fake or True, which is TRUE! : )

Thanks again,



About Maurice

Hello, I'm Maurice, and I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to view my business opportunity reviews. In the past, I was search for business opportunity after opportunity, and always seem to never had any luck! But, I realize that there was legitimate online business opportunities out there. And I found that has helped me and hundreds of others, if not thousands! You can find out more by going to http://www.247DirectPay.com . I hope you will enjoy my reviews and leave a comment where you see fit. Thanks again, Maurice
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