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Hello, I’m Maurice and that’s my lovely wife Valerie. I would like to thank you for visiting my website blog. Several years ago, I got interested in a way to earn some extra money working from my home.

Like most people, I was pretty much set in my ways and didn’t want to start a new career from my current one, I just wanted to bring in some extra money to help offset some of my money worries. We’ll I figured that doing this from home was a great option for me. You see, there are literally thousands of people if not millions doing it…and I knew that I could do it to!

Most of all , I knew that I could do this honestly without being SCAMMED

by greedy individuals trying to take me to the cleaners. Plus I didn’t want to lead people into SCAM OFFERS too! I seen many systems that cost lots of up front capital ( MONEY ) and that required monthly payments to say in the opportunity.

I decided to write reviews on programs that I gotten personal involved in, and tested that proven to work. You may look at some of my past blogs and noticed that I may have updated them with some corrections on a business opportunity that will help others to make money from home as well.

I just like people to understand, that getting involved in any online and offline business is a BUSINESS, and not a HOBBY! If you treat it like a business, then it will reward you like a business with an excellent income as proof! Do anything different….That’s what you’ll get in return too!


I’m currently involved with a  successful  business opportunity program, which is an excellent opportunity for people that looking for an honest work from home program that pays a good in income. I want you to know that it does requires ACTION on your part! You see people think that there are “Miracle Programs ” that does all 100% of the work for you! Well, there isn’t one…only SCAM SYSTEMS!

My business opportunity will assist it’s members, by taking all of the calls and selling for them. But there is a very small percentage that you must do, and that is drive traffic to your business opportunity. Don’t worry!  The company will show you exactly how and where to find your traffic!






Thanks and best Regards,





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