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Many people are in search of a legitimate work from home business opportunity, but find it somewhat difficult to know if that business opportunity is legitimate or not! I’m sure that you’re looking for a prominent answer as to if Motor Club of America a scam or legitimate? Before I get into the true answer that you are seeking about MCA motor club, let me give you a little detail information about the company itself, because I think that it’s very important to know this before people begin to make judgmental accusations on a particular business or company without knowing the true facts!


Motor Club of America Review!


Motor Club of America, is a roadside assistance company that’s been in business since 1926 and offer their services to residents in the United States and Canada. In the late 1980’s MCA past on the day to day operation of the business to a company named TVC Marketing Associates Inc.

By merging both companies together, MCA and TVC Marketing  was able to improve the business aspect, and offer in member that joined MCA, not only the chance to be a customer, but a part of the company as well, by being an Independent Associate Agent, we’ll discuss that part a little later.  The services they provide are similar to many of the other competitors, but MCA far out weighs any roadside assistance company, and know one can comes close to the benefits that MCA has to offer.


Is MCA Motor Club of America a Pyramid Scheme?

Many people confuse pyramid schemes with legitimate multilevel marketing business, in fact Avon is a multilevel marketing business, and that’s what MCA is considered as well. Multilevel marketing business programs are known as MLM’s, and unlike pyramid or Ponzi schemes, MLM’s have a real product to sell.

More importantly, MLM’s actually sell their product to members of the general public, without requiring these consumers to pay anything extra or to join the MLM system. MLM’s may pay commissions to a long string of distributors, but these commissions are paid for real retail sales, not for recruits.

MCA pay their associates for the sales referral for the benefits and services that they generate to the company. I and many others don’t consider Motor Club of America a pyramid scheme or scam, as a matter of fact MCA Motor Club of America is totally 100% legitimate. MCA has never made any outlandish claims on guarantee income or failure to deliver on the benefits and services offered. The business model is not structured for high level associates to only succeed, but for every member that markets the business successfully.

If you read many of the Motor Club of America Scam Reviews and YouTube video’s, the authors really can’t give you a definitive reason why their proclaiming MCA as a scam in their MCA Motor Club of America Review(s) or videos. I fail to mention earlier in my review, that I’m also a customer and a Independent Business Associate with MCA, but I’m also a returning ex-member as well!

Yes, I was originally a member with MCA in January of 2013, I canceled my membership not because I thought MCA was a scam, but because I couldn’t reach my sponsor (the person I enrolled under) to assist me with how to promote my MCA business successfully. Maybe my sponsor was to busy promoting his own Motor Club of America business opportunity, I don’t know, but I do know…I felt abandoned by him, and I didn’t label Motor Club of America as scam!

Since then two years later, I joined under a new sponsor that has given me all the support to make my MCA Motor Club of America business very successful, and I’m passing on these very same skills to my colleagues. Will you have instant success overnight? No, but you will have guidance and the support from a great sponsor! This is what makes your success and others the more important…TEAM WORK!!!


What’s The Reasons Why MCA Members Fail?

There are a number of reasons why Motor Club of America associates fail, but not all associates fail in this business opportunity that MCA Motor Club America has to offered, many associates are earning 5 and six figure income annually, some are doing this on a monthly basis promoting the business, I just wanted to clarify that to you before I proceed. Below is a list of why I believe MCA associates fail.

  • Inadequate Training
  • Ineffective Marketing Materials
  • Giving up Before Starting (never started)
  • Stopping to Soon
  • Reading Bad MCA Blog Reviews (negative influence)

These are just a few things that I figured that MCA associates let become major roadblocks, and hindered their chances of having a rewarding experience with a company that has helped countless number of people. My sponsor and I, has come up with a very unique way to market the MCA services, along with the business opportunity aspect very effectively.

We come up with promotional ideas that cut the training down to near low levels, which means less time on physically talking about the services and benefits available with this wonderful opportunity. Now, there are some easy things that you might have to assist members with, but nothing difficult at all. There will be some form of communication needed…Everyone likes hearing Hi, every now and then.


What are the Benefits & Services MCA Provides?

The benefits and services that MCA provides are far ahead of any competitors, and can’t be touched! The membership fee is quite affordable for individuals on a shoestring budget, only $40 for 1st and last month services, and then $19.95 a month. You receive 24 hours and 7 day a week worth of comfort knowing that protection, along with the opportunity of becoming an Independent Associate Agent with MCA. Below I have listed Motor Club of America’s benefits and services that currently over 7 million members in the United States and Canada are enjoying.


MCA Motor Club of America Review!


MCA Benefits & Services:
  • Unlimited Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Boat & Trailer Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • RV Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Dually Over 1 Ton Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Livestock Trailer Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Up to $500 Travel Assistance Reimbursement
  • Trip Planning & Travel Discounts
  • Up to $25,000 Bail Bond to Release You
  • Up to $2,000 Fees to Defend & $1,000 to Protect You
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $1,000 Credit Card Protection
  • $500 Farm Equipment Reward
  • Prescription, Vision & Dental Discounts
  • Up to $500 Emergency Room Benefits
  • Up to $54,750 Daily Hospital Benefits
  • $10,000 Accidental Death Benefits
  • $50,000 Accidental Death Coverage
  • Travel Assistance Program
  • Earn $80 Off Every $19.95 Membership!!!

As you can see, in this Motor Club of America Review, there are many benefits and services to offer for a wide variety of different people, and if you don’t own vehicle…Don’t let this stop you! You can still take advantage of all the services and benefits that MCA has to offer, and still become an Independent Associate Agent. So, not owning a vehicle has no bearing on being accepted into the program. For a complete detail breakdown of the MCA Benefits and Services.


A Final MCA Conclusion!

I’ve read many other MCA Motor Club of America Reviews, and most of them down grades the company in efforts to promote their own business opportunity program. If you’re looking for a great business to get involved in…This is truly that business! Remember MCA has been around since 1926, and it’s not going away anytime too soon!

Choose a sponsor that willing to be committed to your success as well! I’ve struggle for many years and know the feeling of needing that extra help, that could possibly get me on the road to success.

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 Something Better than Motor Club of America!!!

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