Is Motor Club of America Legit?

 Is Motor Club Of America  Legit or FAKE?

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This May be one of the most questionable answer that people are in search of…“Is Motor Club of America Legit?” I too, wanted to find an answer to this very important question…was it LEGIT? I’m very excited to give you an honest, clear and concise opinion about Motor Club of America, and the benefits and services that they offer, along with the wonderful business opportunity as well.


Is Motor Club of America Legit!

First, I would like to briefly explain what Motor Club of America provides, MCA is a emergency  roadside assistance company that been providing services to it’s member since 1926. These services includes, but not limited to unexpected breakdowns of a vehicle. Plus MCA offers other benefits, like Dental and Vision discount, and a host of other benefits.  If you would like a list of the other benefits.

I was first introduced to this opportunity in January of 2013, I thought it was a very great program (and still do!) to get involved in, because it offered two key things that was very impressive…SERVICES and BENEFITS, which counts as big score in my book! The other one is the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

I must admit that I only stayed in the program as a member for only a short period of time, about a month (if that to tell you the truth) and getting out was a big mistake on my part! Like I stated, I was in for a month, and I got out… not because of MCA, but because I needed more support from my sponsor at the time…and I was receiving very little at the time! As a matter of fact, the only support that I received from him was the initial sign-up process…which shortly after that, he VANISHED! I didn’t realize at the time that I could have received some help from Associate Service within MCA.


The Right Choice Thoughts!

After feeling left out in the cold by my sponsor, I was beginning to wonder…”is Motor Club of America Legit…” is it cracked up to what everyone is saying about it! Or if I fell victim to another scam. I didn’t waste any time, so I quickly canceled my membership with MCA with no problems. Canceling my membership would be something that I would later on REGRET…and what I meant by regret was that I found myself continuously searching for alternative ways to make extra money, rather it was asking for overtime on my regular place of employment or searching tirelessly on my computer… for what I knew was there!

"Is Motor Club of America Legit!"


Yes! I knew that there was something on the internet, that I could work from home doing in my spare time, but I just had to discover “WHAT IT WAS!” I thought back over the years of all the business opportunities that I pursued, and tried to figure out…”which one might be successful for me?” In other words, which one I didn’t really give a chance! So, I re-discovered MCA. It was a problem for me to find out If or Is Motor Club of America Legit, because I knew they were legitimate! I just had to find the right people to connect with…and that can show me, and help me show others how to achieve the same success! That’s what being a “TEAM” is all about… HELPING OTHERS!


Joining Back Up with MCA!

The only one that came close was the MCA program, and I can recall myself calling the main MCA office and asking them personally on the phone, “Is Motor Club of America LEGIT!” I was very happy to hear a positive answer come from the company “ITSELF”, that gave me a better sense of security along with the help from me sponsor as well.

Earlier, I stated that I left MCA because I didn’t have the support from a good sponsor, well since then I have rejoined under another sponsor, and that sponsor has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with great support! That’s what members need when they join MCA Program or any program, support to help them to be successful.

I realized that after doing careful research, and calling MCA on the phone, that I made the right choice by joining MCA. I’m just glad that i didn’t let those little thoughts that we all care in our heads, bother me to bad “Is Motor Club of America Legit – Is Motor Club of America a Scam,” but it didn’t bother me to bad… LOL!


Negative and Positive MCA Feedback’s!

I’ve noticed that while searching for creditable feedback on MCA, I found some thing’s that would make you wonder about if it’s true or not. On some of these reviews, I had to use a clear and open minded judgement of my own! Some of the individuals that wrote negative reviews…”clearly was never a member before”, so how could they write: “Is Motor Club of America Legit Reviews?” This is something that I quite don’t understand…Why bash a company offer if you haven’t tried it? And if you have tried it, and experienced something less than good, why try to work the issues out with them?

Many people that are members of MCA speak very highly of the company and services. I’ve noticed some great YouTube videos and blog writing expressing the great pleasure they’re receiving from being a member with the company. I know that there are a lot of Dream Stealers out there, people who don’t want others to make it in life…You might have some friends and family members that are Dream Stealers, but the most important part to know when joining a business opportunity…is to use your better judgment! Now on a positive side, “Is Motor Club of America Legit or Not?” I can truly say this is a honest and legitimate business.


Experience and Judge MCA for Yourself!

I can only assume that you’re here to judge and see if Motor Club of America is legitimate! I can truly understand your investigation on the legitimacy of the opportunity, and I’m glad that you are taking the initiative to gather further information about,”Is Motor Club of America Legit.” I have enclosed a few more articles that I have written about Motor Club of America within this blog site, please feel free to read them at anytime.

You can also visit a video presentation that explains all that MCA has to offer…this includes all the services and benefits along with the business opportunity. MCA’s business opportunity has help many agents earn a great income within their first year, although all income potentials are base solely on individuals performances. Once you have made a judgement on this wonderful opportunity and if you wish to join under my sponsoring…I’ll be more than happy to assist you, and help build a successful career!


           >>>>  But WAIT!!!! <<<<


I’m no longer apart of MCA because they couldn’t offer what I needed and other members.  There’s  an opportunity that I’m involved in , that offers  any member that joins my team, no cost out of the pocket for their 1st month in the business.

This is a huge advantage for anyone looking to get started in a  great home business. Plus this business is very legitimate…has “GREAT PRODUCTS”…”GREAT PAY-OUTS”…”SUPPORT! Not only will the team in this opportunity pay for your 1st month product and Start-up cost, but each member that you get involved, and theirs too!

In a matter of no time your can have hundreds of people in your downline organization. These will be happy paying downline members, because they are also achieving the same goals as you! I have a site that explains everything you need to know about this opportunity below. But, it’s only available to United States residents…sorry if you’re not! After you have visited the site and…”WATCHED and LISTENED” to everything, call me at voice mail number, and we can get you signed up ADN ( American Dream Nutrition ).


New Updates Coming Soon!!!



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