EzProfit 100 Review


You might want to hold off before joining EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity…”PLEASE READ THIS FULL EZPROFIT 100 REVIEW!” You need to know some important  facts about the EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity before making a decision!



EzProfit100 Review

Are You Curious About The EzProfit 100 System?

Maybe you have received some marketing materials such as a postcard or flyer saying…”Receive $100 Bills by Being a Participant in The EZ Profit 100 Business Opportunity!” But you might be a little curious and somewhat skeptical about if the program is legitimate or basically just another EzProfit 100 Scam!

Well, whatever the case may be, I’m going to clarify the legitimacy of this opportunity. Before I continue, I can’t resist the chance to explain why I believe people get in “Make Money from Home Business Adventures”.

The main reason I believe is, that people are drawn to make money opportunity programs, is mainly because of their “FINANCIAL SITUATION“, some of us have gotten ourselves in certain situations that requires us to look for alternative ways to help lift that financial burden.

You might think finding an extra job could clear up some of your money worries, but what if that’s not always possible for you? Your time could be the biggest issue of not being able to take on that second job! What if your RETIRED, and just not able or don’t want to enter the WORK FORCE (9-5) AGAIN!

The EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity is a work from home opportunity that was basically designed for the “EVERYDAY PEOPLE”, the “WORKING CLASS PEOPLE” just like you and me. If you can sit down and take a total of 2-3 hours per week placing a stamp on a postcard, then you’ll ENJOY THIS PROGRAM!!!


Is The EzProfit 100 System a SCAM?

Most of the offers pertaining to business opportunities are very hard to distinguish between LEGITIMATE OFFERS and SCAM SYSTEMS! Business opportunity or so called systems, lure you into their program and give you a sense of idea that you can be FINANCIALLY RICH in only a short period of time.

EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity

Let me tell you…There’s NO SYSTEM on the face of this earth, that’s ever going to legally let you or anyone go to “RICH STATUS” within a few short days, weeks, months or a year. I don’t want desperate people to be lead by false hopes in scam related business opportunities. When it comes down to it, I rather see people continue to work and scuffle to make ends meet, then to see them being scammed by some “COLD HEARTED PERSON!”

Now, back to your original question; “Is The EzProfit 100 System a Scam?” I received the EzProfit 100 Postcard in the mail myself, and I was very interested and impressed with what I read on the EzProfit 100 Postcard. As a matter of fact, I called several times the 24 Hour Hot-line (706) 569-6610 that’s listed on the postcard, to listen to Mr. Art Rayburn ( Owner of the Program) had to say!

I was really pleased, and I mean “REALLY PLEASED” at what I read and heard as well! I was so pleased that I joined the program. So, I guess by now you can figure out that is not a EzProfit 100 scam system. You’re absolutely right! I joined the opportunity…I had a “GREAT FEELING of SECURITY,” knowing that my investment wouldn’t be a costly mistake!

The company that is owned by  Mr. Rayburn, goes by the name of, “THE RAYBURN GROUP” and the business has been in operation since early part of 2009, and as far as my knowledge there hasn’t been a complaint on the company or the EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity.

EzProfit 100 Review!

I do believe that you too can “fill Your Pockets with $100 Bills Over and Over Again!” But I also believe that it’s going to take ACTION and TIME! Without these two combined you’re doomed to FAIL! Success is something that can be achieved  and the I can’t call this a EzProfit 100 scam, because the thousands that will join EzProfit 100 Business Opportunity will enjoy the program!

Just remember these key elements… “ACTION and TIME!” I can’t stress this enough to you and hopefully the hundreds of people that read my “EzProfit 100 Review,” if you want to change your financial income situation, you need to treat this like a EzProfit 100 Business…and not like a HOBBY!


What’s the EzProfit 100 Business Requirements?

Many work from home opportunities have hidden requirements after you join their programs. The EzProfit 100 business opportunity doesn’t hide anything from the members. Once you join EzProfit 100, there’s NO MEETINGNO CALLINGNO BUGGING FAMILY MEMBERSNO EXPLAININGNO COMPUTER REQUIRED!

The only thing you have to do is simply “Mail Postcards or Flyers.” Yes, that’s it! There’s nothing farther that’s required of you! But if you want to promote the business by other means, such as online marketing and social media, it definitely can be done with no problem!

I left out two other requirements for the program, you must be 18 years of age and this program is only available for people that lives in the United States. Sorry for those that live in another country, maybe in the near future Mr. Rayburn will offer the EzProfit 100 Postcard Business to more countries later, but for now it’s limited to the United States only.


The Cost to Join EzProfit 100 and Compensation Plan

Here’s what I’m pretty sure you’ve been waiting to here about; The cost to join EzProfit 100 and the compensation plan! It only cost a one-time fee of $129…with no other monthly payments! After joining this business opportunity, you will “NEVER PAY AGAIN!”

The compensation pay-out is very good! You’ll receive $100 for each person that personally join EzProfit 100 Postcard system under you. But you must pass up two of your sign-ups to your sponsor, which I like to call your “Silent Business Partner” don’t panic, because everyone that you sponsor will do the same as well!

The people members that will be given up is the 2nd and 4th members, and you will keep the 1st…3rd…5th and every one after, to infinity. This is called the “Reverse 2 up Compensation Plan, and the pay- out is quite rewarding, “Click Here” for more details!

EzProfit100 Compensation Plan

EzProfit 100 Compensation Plan

The Commission checks are mailed out every week once you have met the requirements of joining the program. Keep in mind that the business is not hard at all to do! You can work the business only a few hours a week as many do, and still earn a good income. You just have to work the business as Mr. Rayburn describes, and it will “WORK FOR YOU!”


What Comes In Your Members Kit?

Once you become a paid member, you’ll receive a members kit from the Rayburn Group. Inside this kit is you’re welcome package that basically explain in simply terms how to work the program very effective for  you can start receiving those $100’s payments on a steady pace.

You’ll also receive 120 Peel-n-Stick Mailing labels, a $45 value. The mailing labels are just a kick start to help members find potential prospects, the postcards are sold separately with a unique username that you choose, that will link your business back to you for proper commission payments to you!

Also in the Members Kit is a 12 song  Christian Music CD a $20 value, performed by Mr. Art Rayburn. The songs on the CD were written and recorded between 1989 & 1991. They’re an early expression of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Not to leave out! You’ll receive “FREE of CHARGE” a Marketing Website where all of the member and prospects can find a complete detailed  explanation of how the EzProfit 100 Postcard Business Opportunity works. This is a $348 value , but it’s included in your Members Kit with no additional cost.


Have More Questions?

Now, I understand that people will always have questions, and so does Mr. Art Rayburn, that’s why he’s made it even more easier for the members of the program. If anyone should have a question that not answered in the website’s F&Q section..see below!

EzProfit 100 F&Q Section






Something Better than EzProfit 100!!!

This program below will achieve, every one of your goals, if you are truly looking for a way to earn extra money, and that will have the potential to constantly increase. You need to take a serious look at the opportunity that’s at the bottom of this page. You will never have to talk with any customers/prospects. You will not have shelves full of products that you purchased.
There is a sells team of staff members, that will personally call all of your customers for you! While you collect huge commission checks. Our business is “WORLDWIDE” , and the products are in high demand. Just listen and watch the 10 minute video and let Dave Sharpe explain everything about his system. You don’t need to have any special talent, or skills to work this business opportunity.
So if you’re tired of wasting your time with failing programs, that offers you nothing on your return…then invest in yourself, and join the many members of this company that are achieving tremendous amount of success everyday!!!


Here is My 1st Check from Best Easy Work


This is my very first check that I received from Best Easy Work. I didn’t have to do much work to get this check. In fact it was very simple to do!


This is My 2nd Check from Best Easy Work


This was a big payday for me from Best Easy Work! I was only in the program less than two weeks. Once again, the work that I did was not hard at all!


This is My 3rd Check from Best Easy Work


Another Best Easy Work income proof. I have received a total of three check in less than 3 weeks time. Since I join Best Easy Work, I have switched to direct deposit, that way I get my payments much faster than having the checks mailed to me.

You can also join Best Easy work and get payments just like I do. You just have to follow the simple instructions. If you join Best Easy Work under my team, we will show you extra secrets that helps get more checks / payments.

You never call any prospects. The owner does the calling for you! Find out more about Best Easy Work by clicking the link below!




Join Legendary Marketer

It’s your time,












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