Motor Club of America

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Motor Club of America

Who is MCA Motor Club of America?

For those of you who might not quite be familiar with Motor Club of America, better known as MCA, this company is providing emergency roadside assistance to it’s members that happen to need help in time of one of those unexpected situations. MCA has been in business since 1926 providing excellent services to over 7 million satisfied customers.

In the mid 1980’s MCA handed over the day to day operations to TVC Marketing Associates, while delivery the same quality of services as a emergency roadside assistance provider. TVC Marketing Associates also took MCA to unheard of heights as a company that many people assumed in changing flat tires, which I’ll discuss the remarkable changes that TVC Marketing Associates incorporated into MCA as I continue my “Motor Club of America Review.

There are several companies that are similar to MCA, and some of these companies are MCA’s competitors, but MCA is not like most of their competition. MCA never does any formal advertising like any of their counterparts. Advertising is solely relied on all of MCA’s members to make the company grow as a whole, and this was Virgil Coffee’s vision; to see the company expand while helping others through rewards.

Motor Club of America has been providing these basic services as a emergency roadside assistance provider to every citizens of the United States and Canada for well over 90 years. Just think about being on a lonely road… “Stranded with no help around you!”That’s where MCA has helped thousands of it’s members by coming to their assistance. The services… “are next to none when it comes needing help!”


What is The Service and Benefits MCA has to Offer?

As I have mentioned earlier in my Motor Club of America Review, MCA helps people that are stranded due to an unfortunate vehicle breakdown, but they go a little further than any roadside assistance  provider does! Below is a image along with the list of all the services and benefits that MCA has to offer!

Motor Club of America Review

MCA’s Unlimited Emergency Roadside Assistance: If your vehicle should become disable and requires needed assistance…”You’re Covered with MCA!”

MCA’s Travel Assistance Reimbursement: Receive up to $500 travel reimbursement if your vehicle breakdown while traveling more than 50 miles from home. You can use this towards- car rental, hotels, meals and air fare, if needed.

MCA’s Trip Planning & Travel Discounts: If you should need assistance while planning your trips, MCA will help you! Also assisting you with much needed discounts on hotels, car rentals, air fare and much…much more!

MCA’s $25,000 Bail Bond: Motor Club of America Benefits covers you with a $25,000 bail bond certificate, use this certificate in case you’re in a related vehicle accident that caused an arrest unto you! Must not be alcohol or drug related and driver’s license must not be suspended  or revoked.

MCA’s $2,000 to Defend & $1,000 to Protect You: You’ll receive up to $2,000 in fees to defend you and $1,000 to protect you in lawyer fees in court if you should need an attorney to represent you in the court of law. Must not be alcohol or drug related and driver’s license must not be suspended  or revoked.

MCA’s $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward:  a $5,000 reward is paid to any law enforcement agency or individual leading to the arrest of the person responsible of the theft of your vehicle. All reward payments are honored through Motor Club of America Benefits Plan.

MCA’s $1,000 Credit Card Protection: You’ll receive $1,000 in credit card protection in the event of loss or stolen credit cards.

MCA’s $500 Farm Equipment Reward: A $500 reward is paid to any law enforcement agency or individual leading to the arrest of the person responsible of the theft of your farm equipment.

MCA’s Up to $500 Emergency room Benefits: You’ll receive up to $500 paid directly to you in emergency room benefits related to a covered accident at home, work or a vehicle accident.

MCA’s Up to $54,750 in Hospital Benefits: You’ll receive up to the amount of $54,750 in hospital benefits in related accident at home, work or vehicle accident should you become hospitalized.

MCA’s $50,000 Accidental Death Coverage: Your beneficiary will receive $50,000 of death benefits should you be killed in a accident, either at work home or in a vehicle related accident.

MCA’s Discount Dental, Vision and Prescription: You as a covered member will receive up to 20% discount on dental care, Vision care and all prescription drugs through your Motor Club of America Benefits Plan.

MCA’s Business Opportunity: Every member that join MCA can promote the opportunity as their own personal business, and earn a great income.


What is the MCA Business Opportunity?

Earlier I mentioned that TVC Marketing Associates did something that was unheard of in the industry of emergency roadside assistance plans! MCA has made their products and services available to all members, but MCA has also made their business opportunity program open to every member as well!

What does the business opportunity actually means? Well!!! What this means is that you as a member can earn extra money by referring others to MCA as a member who’s receiving many of the same benefits like so many of the other members have received.

Don’t own a vehicle!!! It doesn’t matter…You can still earn cash money even if you don’t have a vehicle!…In other words…”Anyone in the U.S. & Canada Can Do This Business Opportunity Program!

Motor Club of America Review

TVC Marketing Associates will pay every member of MCA Motor Club of America $80 for each referral that signs up and join Motor Club of America! There’s no limit on how many people that join MCA from the sponsoring agent that refer new members to the program.

The cost to join MCA is very reasonable, only a one-time upfront fee of $40…which covers the 1st and last month membership to join MCA, then the monthly payments is only $19.95 a month. This is a very low price of being able to receive full services and benefits from a company along with the possibilities of earn a great income!


Is MCA Motor Club of America Scam or Legit?

One question that some people might ask…”Is MCA Motor Club of America Scam or Legit?” The only way that I feel that a person can truly find out if this is a Motor Club of America Scam or a legitimate business opportunity, is to join MCA and experience the services for themselves!

I can honest say that I’m a member with this great organization, and have never encounter any problems with MCA! Most people that does have a problem with MCA are usually promoting other business opportunities, and likes to label MCA as “Motor Club of America Scam Artist,”because they would love to see people not join MCA, and join there program instead! 

There’s a lot of fly by night opportunity program out there! This companies or program love to say… “This is the Best Opportunity!“Or ” This Program will Make You MILLIONS!” I would definitely stay away from these types of scam promotion!

The longevity of the existence of MCA speaks for itself! MCA has been in business since 1926 and has served it’s members proudly! If another company takes over another company, that doesn’t constitute that this is a Motor Club of America Scam, as I stated…TVC Marketing Associates successfully handles all of MCA operations!

There are members…or should I say “Independent Agents“(that’s members who Market the business opportunity) that are earning a great income with the MCA business opportunity, and some of these agents are earning figures as high as six figures annually!

It’s not uncommon for a great majority of MCA agents to earn over $40,000 within their first year of joining MCA. Now of course these income are not typical for everyone that market the program, due to the fact that everyone’s work ethics is different from one another! I can say that if you follow the instructions that are given to you…You will get great results!


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