Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Scam or Legit!

What’s  my opinion of 4 Corners Alliance Group! A true in depth review.

The First True Business at a “GREAT PRICE”!!!

Name: Four Corners Alliance Group                                                                                       Website URL:                                                CEO/Owner: David Harrison                                                                                                Price: $18 one-time payment                                                                                             Overall Rank: 98 out of 100




Recently I  came across  a promotional email of a Internet network marketing company named  Four  Corners Alliance Group,  one of my pervious down lines  urged  me to take a look at this company.

Well quite naturally I was  very skeptical about company, meaning  that I have  never heard of  4 Corners Alliance Group in all the years of  my Internet  marketing experience. So, I  sat on  finding  more about this company  until  a later date, but see the one-time only $18 cost made me  very  curious!



I thought…”What if this was a Four Corners Alliance Group Scam!” Where they lure you into purchasing more items  (up-sells) at highly over inflated  prices. Yes, I’m  pretty sure  that you  know what  I  mean…”$100 for coaching” “$39-$59 for monthly  membership” I  think  you know where I’m going with this, especially if you’ve been down this road  before  like so many others  have.

But wait! That’s  not the case with this opportunity,  so please  continue reading  this full 4 Corners Alliance Group Review…I  believe you might be thrilled when you  hear the full story!
Guide to Riches


Investigating  4 Corners Alliance Group

I first started  looking into  4CAG  like anyone else would  do, though Google searches and YouTube videos. But when  you do these type of  investigational  searches, be prepared to  expect  a wide variety of different  opinions…meaning, you might not know  who to believe!

I mainly  found out when I  read  blogs and  articles,  that nearly  everyone  talked  about was that this Is “4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam” , but they never gave definitive proof.  They never said  in their  written  articles that they was a member of the 4CAG, if so I  would have  wanted to  know  more about how  they were  scammed.

Plus be prepared  for the authors of  these so called reviews or scam busters to offer you a better  opportunity  as the  “so-call-it!” Usually  there’s an enormous amount involved too!

YouTube was my next source of  finding  out about if this could be  4 Corners Alliance Group legitimate opportunity.  You see I  like to think in a positive way  about things, and not judge this company or anything in a negative way  first. YouTube  is a great  platform  of good  information,  because  you can physical  hear as well as see what you’re  trying to  obtain.

Many members talked  highly about this being an excellent opportunity, and  has shown  definitive  proof of  receiving income from  the program. I  know what you’re thinking…”Hey! How could they  show  proof?” Well, Four Corners Alliance Group issues a Visa debit card  as a form of  receiving  payment, and  members  have went to various places receiving  payments while doing video recording and  placing  them  on YouTube.

Also  members  have log into  their 4 Corners Alliance Group Back office and have shown various amounts of down lines  in their Back office. There’s  no way  that a member  with 4CAG, can  manipulate the number of people/members, in  a live video  shot; that they have  personally  sponsored and that’s  in their down line.

I would say, if you’re looking to do research on 4CAG, please don’t  jump to  conclusions,  that this is a scam! Keep in mind  there are people  out there  that wants to  “Rip You Off!” This  is not  one of those type of business,  you never send  any money to  members at All!!!

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group legitimate? Yes, I can absolutely say that this is not a Scamming company.  Members  put in the efforts to  work the business… which doesn’t  requires  much effort  at all, and are reaping  great rewards from their  doings.


What is 4 Corners Alliance Group Marketing?

Four Corners Alliance Group(Review) is a company that’s  in business  to make a profit, with out  able to  achieving any Profit margins, a business is doomed to  not be there long.

4CAG has put together  a series  of marketing  financial  literacy product’s, a total  of 31 in all. These financial  literacy product’s  are divided into  6 level groups.

The products are  designed to  help the individuals to be able to  have a complete  understanding of  a wide variety of investment  knowledge, from understanding  real estate to investments  with sliver  and gold,  just to touch  a couple of the many that 4CAG will teach  individuals.



The “Real Money,” in my opinion is  being  a affiliate member with  the company itself, but  still the products are quite  wonderful as well,  even though I  am  in the early stage of  being a  member of the program. You can take a look at all the 31 different products  by going to this link if you’re  interested.


See What $18 can Turn Into!



What is The 4CAG Affiliate program?

As I stated earlier  members can earn commissions  on every  person  that they refer, that join 4 Corners Alliance Group.  Remember  the cost is only a  one-time payment of $18, which  $8 goes to administrative support for joining  the company.  The other  $10 goes  towards the  cost of  your  1st product.

There is only 6 levels of income  earnings that 4CAG pays out. Here is a basic  break down  of the  six levels of  commission payments.

  • Level one: $4 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level two: $4 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level three: $10 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level four: $24 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level five: $60 per Referral – Unlimited
  • Level six: $120 per Referral – Unlimited


above is a basic view of the payout commissions that members earn for being in the program. To see a complete  video presentation from the CEO ( David Harrison ) that explains the commission payout in better details click the image above.


Final Opinion of 4 Corners Alliance Group

As  a Reviewer/member, this is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in. The business doesn’t take much effort in order to be very successful…”You only need four (4) referrals on the first level to start.” There are so many ways to start promoting this opportunity. Facebook is a great place to start, because everyone could use the extra income. I give my members that enroll under me either 50 or 100 free Leads that has email address of potential referrals.

Keep in mind that this is a global business opportunity, which means that your income earns are not limited. I would hope that you are not seeking a opportunity that is overly priced…If so, this is not that type of business opportunity! 4 Corners Alliance Group is priced for everyone to be able to afford, as well as SUCCEED!

There no training, call making, postcard mailings or chasing individuals. You must make a choice if you wish to continue on the same road, or take an alternative route! Many member that chose to join 4 Corners Alliance Group, are very glad that they made the right decision.  

Please take the time to examine this company and the compensation plan that they have to offer. Once you have done this, tell me what you think! I believe you will agree with me and the countless number of others that this is a “REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY!”  And most of all…”This is a 4 Corners Alliance Group Legitimate Opportunity!”  



Something Better than The 4 Corners Alliance Group!!!

This program below will achieve, every one of your goals, if you are truly looking for a way to earn extra money, and that will have the potential to constantly increase. You need to take a serious look at the opportunity that’s at the bottom of this page. You will never have to talk with any customers/prospects. You will not have shelves full of products that you purchased.

There is a sells team of staff members, that will personally call all of your customers for you! While you collect huge commission checks. Our business is “WORLDWIDE” , and the products are in high demand. Just listen and watch the 10 minute video and let Dave Sharpe explain everything about his system. You don’t need to have any special talent, or skills to work this business opportunity.

So if you’re tired of wasting your time with failing programs, that offers you nothing on your return…then invest in yourself, and join the many members of this company that are achieving tremendous amount of success everyday!!!


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This is My 3rd Check from Best Easy Work


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You never call any prospects. The owner does the calling for you! This is a great opportunity and they do pay it’s members!!!  Find out more about Best Easy Work by clicking the link below!



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It’s your time,







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