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THW Global Advertising Helps Many!

Starting on July the 4th, 2016 THW Global Advertising will be in full operation, opening their doors or should I say…Business Opportunity, to many of thousands of people looking for ways to make money from home.



This form of business opportunity is bound to shake up the way most people make money online and at home business opportunities as well! So July the 4th, 2016 will be a great day for these individuals who jump in on this program.


Some people believe, that online business opportunity programs are geared in one way! To help make the top leaders receive the most income potential, and leave the bottom person struggling. Now…don’t get me wrong about all make money online business opportunities, there are some that are good programs, but most are hard to find! But, that’s where THW Global Advertising comes in!!!


The THW Global Advertising Scam!

The first thing that will come out of most skeptics mouths is…”This is a THW Global Advertising Scam!” They will say this without really doing any true research, which they really don’t care, just as long as they can convince you that it is a THW Global Advertising scam!


Yes, this will be real interesting in the weeks, months and even years after THW becomes noticeable in the make money online business world. Review Writers, YouTube Video Makers and Make Money Online Gurus will be definitely calling this a SCAM! Why? Because they know that lots…and I mean…Lots of people will be looking into this new way to earn money.




You see, the skeptics love to label businesses like THW bad, in hopes of gaining your trust to get their opportunity going, by recruiting YOU! So they write false reviews about a company or online business opportunity, and call it a ” THW Global Advertising Scam” or something very similar.

I feel like, if you don’t know first hand experience on a particular home business opportunity, leave the negative crap out! Because in the long run you’re only “LYING” and your business will never be able to prosper!

Now let’s find out more about THW, without me giving out negative information in this THW Global Advertising Review.


What is THW Business Opportunity About?

Well like any business, he main goal is to generate a profit by giving a sincere service or goods to the customer. So, as you may know THW is a advertising company. Their main goal is to take rating of various Movies-Videos-Commercials and a list of others.


The company (THW) cannot handle this tremendous amount of ratings all by themselves, so this is where outsourcing (YOU) comes in. THW is willing to pay individuals to help them handle this large quantity of work.

Plus THW has to have a wide variety of mixed cultures in order to do their ratings requirements, that’s why the work is available and covers all four corners of the world. So, this means that your  help is NEEDED!

THW Global Advertising calls their particular advertising business- IV, which stands for “INTERNATIONAL VIEWER.” These IV’s will be doing the rating process of Movies, Videos, Commercials and More. THW will be paying the IV’s according to the work that’s being done ( I’ll discuss payment later).

Now, the IV’s will be from all walks of the world and covering different geographical area as well. THW will not charge any of these IV’s any enrollment fees or monthly fees like most work from home opportunities do! There is no hidden cost to the participants that “Join THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity.”

What exactly is THW? Well, just think of it as YouTube in reverse, YouTube helps people create tons of money by posting videos and Advertisements, while earning money from the contents that are being viewed. THW let’s you do the viewing and earn money with their “BetterThanYouTube Video’s!”

Advertiser spent over 70 BILLION DOLLARS on advertising alone in 2013, and in 2017 it’s expected to reach over the 100 BILLION DOLLARS amount. So, as you can see THW will be able to get a share of this Multi- Billion Dollar income through advertisement. Do you want to be on the receiving end of this income potential?


THW Global Advertising Pays Very Good!

Now let’s take a look at what THW is willing to pay each member for being a IV Agent ( International Viewer ). The pay is based on being paid two different ways, but both can be combined to work hand in hand, which I highly recommend.

Imagine not only being paid up to $25 a hour for 10 hours a week for watching “BetterThanYouTube Type Videos”, but also being paid up to $5 an hour up to ten hours, for each person you personally sponsor for doing exactly the same.


You’ll also receive an additional $1 a hour up to ten hours for your sponsors  who sponsor someone else as well. You will receive this down through ten levels per sponsoring. And everyone will be doing the same thing watching and rating these “BetterThanYouTube Type Videos”.

Here Are Some Examples:

You find 10 others to do the same, and you would earn up to $2,000 a month in commissions. Plus your $1,000 a month in regular pay!

You build a 10 level team of hundreds or more to do the same, you would earn up to $40 Monthly for each person within the ten levels!

As you can see the income opportunity with this program is “PHENOMENAL“, and  what did it cost anyone to get involved? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Again, there’s two parts that can be used in this program – Hourly Part and the Sponsoring Part. Either one of these will be very profitable, but I recommend doing both, because it make sense.


Ways to Promote THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity!

Okay, you may be asking…How can I promote the THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity? The field of promoting this work from home opportunity is wide open! Remember there are people that are always looking for ways to make money online!

Here are just a few examples:

(1) Facebook

(2) Twitter


(4) Craigslist

(5) Postcards

(6) YouTube Videos

(7) Google+

All of the above ways to promote this opportunity can be very effective, and most of all…you don’t need a lot of people. Word of mouth is probably the most powerful one of all, even though I failed to listed it above.

Below is an example of a postcard that I’m using.


Postcard THW

I also have a YouTube Video promoting THW that you can watch. Keep in mind that I’m very camera shy, so don’t judge my fear of publicly taking. I have asked several people that join THW Global Advertising Business Opportunity, to just post a comment in the YouTube comment section saying, ” I Just Joined THW” or something similar. So the number of people who posted comments, would give others a idea of how good this is!

The YouTube title is ” THW Global Advertising – Why Join THW Global! and the direct link is .

Once again, all of the mentioned ways to promote the THW Opportunity is very effective, and the business going to be a great success to all that takes advantage of this exciting opportunity.


Something Better than The THW Global Advertising!!!

This program below will achieve, every one of your goals, if you are truly looking for a way to earn extra money, and that will have the potential to constantly increase. You need to take a serious look at the opportunity that’s at the bottom of this page. You will never have to talk with any customers/prospects. You will not have shelves full of products that you purchased.
There is a sells team of staff members, that will personally call all of your customers for you! While you collect huge commission checks. Our business is “WORLDWIDE” , and the products are in high demand. Just listen and watch the 10 minute video and let Dave Sharpe explain everything about his system. You don’t need to have any special talent, or skills to work this business opportunity.
So if you’re tired of wasting your time with failing programs, that offers you nothing on your return…then invest in yourself, and join the many members of this company that are achieving tremendous amount of success everyday!!!

Join Legendary Marketer
It’s your time,


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