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Make Money with Facebook Bonanza


Are you remotely considering joining the “Facebook Bonanza Program?” If so, you might want to see if this program is suitable for you!

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The Facebook Bonanza Program

did you receive a email promoting a program about earning money, just by doing “Likes” off of your social media website Facebook? I received that same email. In fact, it was in my junk email folder! I normally don’t open email in my junk mail, because it doesn’t interest me as  a income opportunity, but this one did get my attention as a business opportunity to help enlighten others. I try to lead other people, that are looking for honest opportunities online and offline in earning money. And I will direct you to that opportunity at the very end of my Facebook Bonanza Review.

For now, how many times have you received a “Money making business opportunity”  email from this Facebook Bonanza Opportunity Program? Since writing this review, I have received well over 20 in my junk email box, with titles like…”Secret Facebook Cash System,” “New Work From Home Program Using Facebook” “Earn Money From Your Own Home Using Facebook” these are just a few, my list goes a little longer than that, but I’ll save time on boring you with title phrases. I just wanted to give you a few of the ones they use to lure unexpected people into their program.


What is the Facebook Bonanza Program?

I want to let my readers know that I’m not a FB Bonanza member, which I failed to let you know at the beginning of my review. With that being said, let proceed. Well the email stated that, Facebook skills are in demand, and there’s no selling, no telemarketing work and no experience necessary.

They also stated that it easy to get started, and you can work 2-5 hours per week, but more if you like. Now that sounds like the kind of job that 99.9% of the people would love to have, if the pay is good as well!

The program goes on to explain that Facebook is a $341 billion dollar company, and in my opinion if you seen the advertising video promoting this program, they lead you to believe that Facebook needs your help in order to increase their profit earnings. Now, think about this for a moment…Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and owner of Facebook…needs workers to…Post Links – Share Stories – Review Sites and some other simple tasks…and he’s going to pay you? I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!!! 

They have posted a screen shot of what appears to be earnings from one of the individual’s who supposedly join the FB Bonanza opportunity, and has extremely good earnings from their efforts, but I’m very skeptical of the authenticity of the post. The reason why I say this is, because those things can be altered and not proven to be legitimate. Just examine the image below, and tell me if it’s convincing enough as proof of earnings? Not enough for me!!!



As you can see this person has extremely high earnings, for daily and monthly income with this program. I just find this very hard to believe. There is a lot of confusing items listed below the earnings, but I believe they are “AdSense” , this is where you have to place Ad’s online, and they cost you money for placing them.


How to Apply for Facebook Bonanza Program 

The first step in joining this program is to check for availability in your area. Now, they want you to believe that you might not be able to join, because they have a strict limit on how many can join in a certain area. THAT’S BOGUS!!!

After you click the “Check Availability Link”, which ask for your email address, name and country. Once you have given the appropriate  information, they will congratulate you…saying that…”You Qualify!” Are you surprised that they will qualify everyone? Ha ha ha!

Okay now here’s where it gets really interesting…it only will cost you $4.97 to get start today, they’re giving you a break off the original price of $197, that they normally hit you up for!!! After you pay the $4.97, then it will cost you $ 89.97 a month…each and every month!

I’m here to tell you, if you join this Facebook Bonanza Program, it will be very hard to get your money back from these people. If you scroll down to the bottom of their opening page…that’s the one with the video introduction, they states that they are not affiliated with Facebook! So, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates have nothing to do with this Facebook Bonanza Scam!!!



Facebook Bonanza Business Opportunity failed to live up to the standard.  There’s  opportunity that I’m involved in , that offers  any member that joins my team, no cost out of the pocket for their 1st month in the business.

This is a huge advantage for anyone looking to get started in a  great home business. Plus this business is very legitimate…has “GREAT PRODUCTS”…”GREAT PAY-OUTS”…”SUPPORT! Not only will the team in this opportunity pay for your 1st month product and Start-up cost, but each member that you get involved, and theirs too!

In a matter of no time your can have hundreds of people in your downline organization. These will be happy paying downline members, because they are also achieving the same goals as you! I have a site that explains everything you need to know about this opportunity below. But, it’s only available to United States residents…sorry if you’re not! After you have visited the site and…”WATCHED and LISTENED” to everything, call me at voice mail number, and we can get you signed up ADN ( American Dream Nutrition ).


New Updates Coming Soon!!!




Happy money making,



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Hello, I'm Maurice, and I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to view my business opportunity reviews. In the past, I was search for business opportunity after opportunity, and always seem to never had any luck! But, I realize that there was legitimate online business opportunities out there. I hope you will enjoy my review and leave a comment where you see fit. Thanks again, Maurice
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